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The invasion of Kaum Mata Kancing (Button-Eyed People) – pure artwork in the modern era


IO, Jakarta – The viewpoint of artists in seeing various lives is always interesting to observe. Likewise with the scratches on the hand of I Putu Adi Suanjaya, the man who is familiarly called ‘Kencut’ is a young painter from Badung, Bali, who has currently migrated and settled in Yogyakarta. His first solo exhibition, a man who studied Fine Art, in 2012, at the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta which was inaugurated by Mr. Ricky J. Pesik as deputy chairman of Bekraf. You can enjoy the presentation from January 19 to February 9, 2019 at Kopi Kalyan, Cikajang, South Jakarta.

Kencut in his solo exhibition this time presented the title “Kaum Mata Kancing” (Button Eyed People), which in his appreciation was combined with digital technology of Augmented Reality. An animation technology that allows art lovers to explore paintings in motion. In the scratch of acrylic paint on 23 canvases, the man born in ’94 was partnered by a reliable curator, Ary Indra.

“Basically, I like the art of motion produced through animation. Then juxtaposed with Kencut’s point of view will be visual paintings of dolls that seem to move alive. Not only that, in this event I want to give a new reference in the universe of contemporary Indonesian painting. As the first solo exhibition, this exhibition wishes to introduce painters more broadly to the realm of Indonesian art, which is to make a real contribution to the movement of art in Indonesia, “said Ary.

This painting exhibition that was held for the public, invites the public, especially the millennial generation, to return to the love of pure, contemporary art. The form of objects that resemble bolsters and buttoned eyes is expressed in visuals that look alive, colorful and as if moving like humans.

“In this work I am obsessed with buttons which are often symbolized as eyes that cannot see. Showing various scenes of human life such as friendship, hostility, hatred, liking and so forth. Capturing behavior that is often denied by humans themselves. There are some titles in this painting that represent events from personal experience, “said I Putu Adi Suanjaya or commonly called Kencut.

Through works of art that are made in harmony with the replica of life and the romance of human action through the figure of this buttoned-eyed doll, the curator is referred to as a subtle paradox, as well as sharp as a conduit for continuous messages about humans. That human beings are polluted while navigating life’s destiny, in fact their essence is a holy being who was born without sin. Because the eye is a real window of the soul, sometimes it traps when life demands the role of humans in the world.

According to Kencut, his work was inspired by a film called Caroline. Animated films with horror genre, but convey the real message that hypocrisy or pretense is so familiar happens in human life. But humans often deny it and cover it with something that looks good and good.

“I am always interested in images that are plastic but imply a meaning of life. I found this in Caroline’s button-eyed figures, “said I Putu Adi Suanjaya.

All of his artistic developments are firmly rooted in decorative crafts, especially carvings which have become the expertise of many Balinese people, making I Putu Adi Suanjaya (Kencut) have a great interest in the exploration of various forms of objects. By combining various objects to find new forms as a challenge for him. Thus, making the exploration of techniques and mediums tends to be conventional but still exploring in a digital-based work so that it becomes a new and modern work of art. (Aldo)


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