The Fountain Wellness, Dandelion, Ardent Coffee: Urban wellness sanctuary for your well-being

The Fountain Wellness is a holistic wellness center for Jakartans. (photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – A bustling metropolis like Jakarta demands that those living in it to move a lot and move quickly. Intense activity level due to the demands of both work and household would naturally wear us out – not to mention the fact that we need to face Jakarta’s dense and slow traffic every day. This combination would negatively affect citizens’ physical, mental, and psychological condition. The human concept of health is a holistic one – the body, mind, and soul must all be balanced and harmonious. This will positively affect oneself and one’s surroundings. Inspired by the concept of a fountain, which is a harmonious flow of water movement and flow on, underneath, and around the Earth, The Fountain Wellness is here to smooth the flow of its customers’ physical, mental, and psychological energies, allowing them to become a “fountain” of positive vibes for themselves and their environment.

The Fountain Wellness: A Holistic Wellness Service
The Fountain Wellness, located at Jalan Bumi No. 24, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, provides holistic relaxation services. It is a One-Stop-Shop Wellness Center established with the hope of becoming a place for customers to rest and recover their strength and hope. It is supported by Dandelion Eyelash and Nail and Ardent Coffee, each providing their own beauty and health services.

“We noted that everything that is related to well-being is connected to each other. The body needs more than refreshing – maintaining one’s physical beauty and health by selecting the right food and drinks is also very important. The sense of health and beauty can generate positive impact on a person’s mind and body,” said Julia Windasari, The Fountain Wellness’ Director.

As a wellness boutique, The Fountain Wellness provides varied treatment such as Signature Body Treatment, Traditional Body Massage, Signature Shiatsu and Reflexology. In this exclusive interview, The Fountain Wellness introduces two new treatment types, i.e. Signature Body Scrub Massage and Signature Herbal Press Massage.

Julia stated that customer satisfaction is the primary goal of The Fountain Wellness. “We always remind each other to put our heart in everything we do – starting from greeting our guests, providing the best quality treatment, and when serving the customer after treatment is completed,” she said.

This quality is not seen just from the treatment provided, but also from the customer service provided. All treatments at The Fountain Wellness are preceded with the filling in of the Customer Body Treatment Form. This form notes the customer’s medical condition and preference, allowing the customer to choose and get the type of treatment that they need the most. “We are the first wellness boutique in Jakarta yang that implements this procedure for each treatment,” Julia said.

The Fountain Wellness implements an end-to-end service that includes a welcoming drink, locker facilities, one set of clothing change, complete shower facility, and a warm drink to enjoy after treatment, for the customer’s convenience and comfort. To complement the service, both the inner and outer corridors are lined with a variety of verdant plants that refresh both the eyes and the heart. The scent of lavender twines gently around its minimalist and modern interior, its soothing aroma relaxes the mind and body, preparing each consumer for their treatment.

Dandelion: Wild Beauty
Dandelion Waxing and Nail and Eyelash Extensions is an important part of The Fountain One Stop Shopping and Wellness Center. It is a very familiar name for beauty and health enthusiasts. Dandelion’s eyelash extension is the only one in Indonesia certified by both JLA (Japan Lash Association) and NEEA (Nippon Eyelash Extensions Associations). Dandelion’s professional therapists, the basis of its eyelash extension reputation for being the most comfortable, lasting, and natural makes it a favorite among socialites, influencers and celebrities.

Sunviana, Dandelion Co-owner, states that the concept of The Fountain One Stop Shopping Wellness Center is in line with Dandelion’s philosophy, which is to provide best holistic care in all of its treatment variants. “Beauty is basically more than physical attributes, but it also includes spiritual beauty and a good psyche. At Dandelion, we always do our best to provide the best service for the comfort and convenience of our customer. The One Stop Shopping Wellness Center concept helps our customer to enjoy the “wellness” experience in a comprehensive manner,” she said.

Ardent Coffee: Zen In A Cup
As a complement to The Fountain Wellness and Dandelion, Ardent Coffee provides specialty coffee, creative beverages, and Japanese fusion cuisine. It is no secret that the food from the Land of Cherry Blossoms is created with a focus on health. Similarly, Ardent Coffee’s dishes and drinks emphasize creative options that are both healthy and delicious. Furthermore, Ardent Coffee is an eco-friendly café that uses non-plastic, reusable drinking straws.

Ardent Coffee’s menu includes dishes such as salmon croquette, sesame rainbow salad, and fried broccoli bites, as well as Horenzo-San, Flamed Orange Latte, and Citrus Cold Brew as their signature beverages. Ardent Coffee uses coffee beans specially roasted by Ippolito Specialty Coffee, with Indonesian favorite variants such as Aceh Gayo, Sumatra Lintong, and Jawa Ciwidey as well as exotic beans from Ethiopia and Honduras.

“We are building the mindset that health and beauty must be worked on from both the inside and the outside. What we consume matters. This is what we are trying to do at Ardent Coffee: the dishes in our menu are not just delicious, but also nutritious,” said Michael Tan, the SCA-certified trainer owner of Ardent Coffee.

“The Ardent Coffee at Jalan Bumi is our third outlet. Each of our branches has their own signatures: The Ardent Archipelago outlet at Terminal 3 of Soekarno-Hatta Airport for Domestic Flights focuses on the Nusantara or Archipelago dining, with most of our menu containing variants of classic Indonesian dishes. The Ardent Coffee & Kitchen flagship store at Puri Pesanggrahan is well-known for its minimalist layout and décor, bigger area, and more varied dishes. In our third outlet, we offer various healthy foods and drinks such as juices, smoothies, and salads. Our light bites are made by air frying, which makes it much healthier and contain much fewer calories than food cooked using ordinary oil deep frying. In other words, we make our fries without using oil at all,” Michael said.

The collaboration of these three well-rooted wellness brands is sure to bring convenience and comfort to its customers. Its strategic location and holistic relaxation service make it a new urban destination for those who seek to rejuvenate their bodies, minds, and souls.