Taste a delicious healthy menu at Igor’s Pastry

In addition to providing a pastry menu, Igor also has a variant of the main course menu. One of the favorites is Nasi Goreng Wijaya (Tumeric base, chili, leek, sunny side egg, fried crispy chicken, pickles).

IO, Jakarta – In addition to its unique appearance, food now viewed from it’s taste and nutritional contents has become a major consideration for people today. No wonder if at present a healthy lifestyle has become more popular and attracted high interest. Healthy lifestyle is done in order to get a healthy body and maintain weight to always remain fit. For that, foods that are considered fattening like various sweet breads and desserts have begun to lose interest. Aware of the high demand of the community for a healthy food menu, Innico Sjahandi and Ratna, decided to make various creations of pastry and bakery very different from others. These two culinary entrepreneurs are not new players in the bakery world. Having experience for 15 years in Switzerland, London, Germany and Indonesia as a professional in hospitality F & B, Innico Sjahandi or commonly called Igo, founded Igor’s Pastry together with his wife Ratna, opened the bakery since 2002 in Surabaya .

“In October 2001 my wife Ratna and I ventured to open a small outlet in the house that is now our main store. At that time, my wife just resigned from her job as Pastry Chef in one of the famous hotels in Surabaya and decided to make cookies that are sold in some supermarkets in Surabaya “, said Innico Sjahandi.

Igor’s Pastry features a selection of breads made from premium quality ingredients. Igo ensure all variants of the bread is safe to consume, preservative free so it is safe to consume for the body. In accordance with the concept they have also set the health concept. To date, Igor’s Pastry already has 500 types of products such as viennoiserie (puff pastry), bread, cake, dry cake, cookies, sandwiches, savoury, pudding, chocolate and ice cream. Experienced as a chef for 15 years in Switzerland, London, Germany, and Japan has allowed Igo and Ratna to process the bread and cakes with European style pattiserie.

To maintain the quality of Igor’s Pastry’s food products, most products use imported ingredients directly from overseas because they are not available in Indonesia such as chocolate, cheese, cream, even some fruit that is not grown in Indonesia.

After success in Surabaya and Bali, Igor’s Pastry is now present in Jakarta, Jl. Wijaya 2 No. 122, Kebayoran Baru with the concept of Chalet, which is a concept that resembles a resting place in the mountains of Europe becoming a hallmark of all Igor outlets. Not only that, Igor’s Pastry Jakarta also has characteristics that are very different from other outlets. By adding a café on the 2nd floor with treats of various Indonesian specialties that are fused with a little modern flavor.

“Following the needs of visitors in Jakarta where visitors often meet in cafes for various activities ranging from waiting for traffic jams, meeting events, to various other activities, we decided to work together with W lounge brand to enjoy the Pastry and also our Bakery as well as adding various main courses such as Pindang Dorry dish and Nasi Goreng Wijaya which is our favorite menu that can be an option for our customers in Jakarta. “, explained Innico Sjahandi

In addition to favoring a healthy food product, Igor’s Pastry also strongly prioritizes good relationship with every customer. By providing VIP cards to every loyal customer, as well as providing programs with banking partners and other institutions.

“Especially for customers who have VIP cards, we always provide information of every new product we make each month to get a 25% discount. Some of our programs are informed through our social media platforms “, added Innico Sjahandi.

As one of the Pastry and Bakery shops in Jakarta, with the concept of healthy foods, to taste the delicious variety of food dishes in Igor’s Pastry, you can come and enjoy it over the weekend with your family. (aldo)