Venice and gondolas, the two are inseparable

Gondola floats through the waters of Venice's farmed Grand Canal. (photo: IO/alen nowhere)

IO – Venice, a city that became part of the Italian state, every year has always been one of the holiday destinations of tourists from all over the world, and at least, there are more than 20 million people who visit there each year, City of Venice is located in this seaside city known as romantic and with exotic water surrounded by canals in between buildings. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, the city of Venice is famous for its maritime strength and become an important force in the Battle of Lepanto which happened in the 16th century City of Venice many referred to as the city bridge, city of canals and floating city. This city has its own charm as the modes of transport consisted mostly of canals. Therefore, residents of Venice use gondola to transport them. Gondola in question is a traditional rowing boat from Venice that are long and have a flat bottom.

Sail through Venice canals under a clear sky from Gondola. (photo: IO/alen nowhere)

In antiquity, Gondola is only allowed to serve nobility Venezia. Until 1094, Vito Doge Falier published a charter that allowed residents to make gondola. Since then, the gondola became one of the freight transportation for the community everyday Venice. Over time, the design of the Gondola changes with the times. One gondolas can accommodate 5-6 passengers at speed rate of up to 3 knots. Venezia government also make regulations on the gondola colors that are within its territory. The entire gondola in the city are required to have a black color to make it more uniform and does not resemble the gondolas belonging to the kingdom which has more varied colors.

City of Venice did succeed in establishing a city planning tours and gondola into the main tourist destination, so the gondola image is closely related to the tourism city of Venice. The tourists who vacation in this city certainly do not want to miss a moment to enjoy the beautiful city of Venice by gondola boat. As in general, a gondola ride in Venice canal’s agenda has mandatory trips for tourists. With a rate of about 80 euros to ride (6 people max.), we could go around the canals with gondolas for approximately 40 minutes whilst enjoying the view of the city of Venice. Many tourists take the opportunity and capture the moment, they are also able to take selfies on this gondola. For travelers who want to use the services of the gondola at night, they must prepare extra money, because the gondola boat rates can be higher due to a more romantic atmosphere.

In addition to the gondola, Venice city also has several other tourist attractions that are no less interesting as the Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto). The bridge was built in the 15th century and is the oldest bridge in Venice. The Rialto Bridge has become a hallmark of the city since the late 1500s. The bridge structure has a ‘V’ shaped design which is very distinctive and has a classic Venice architectural building style that is very beautiful. Until the 19th century, the Rialto Bridge is the only bridge on the Grand Canal until they made modern bridges. Above the bridge, tourists can see gondolas sailing in the bottom of the canal. (chester)