Syasaba Food Cinere, Middle Eastern dishes with an Indonesian taste

Variety of menus at Syasaba Food. (Photo: Doc. Syasaba Food)

IO – Middle Eastern specialties do have a distinctively delicious taste. Currently across from Cinere Mall, precisely on Jl. Manggis Raya No. 1 Blok A, Cinere, next to Holland Bakery and next to Budi Andhika Salon, is a cafe serving Middle Eastern specialties, an emporium named Syasaba Food. 

Su’ud Alwi, the Owner of Syasaba Food, has been running a food business for 15 years, starting with an outlet in Bojongsari, Parung. Unlike the Syasaba Food Cinere cafe, Syasaba Food Parung serves various events, such as family gatherings, birthdays, fiancees, weddings, social gatherings, recitation, and others – people can also order online via GoFood. 

Syasaba is an abbreviation of Su’ud’s full name, Syarifah Su’ud Alwi Ba’agil. The woman who works as an F&B consultant and fashion business consultant opened a cafe for Millenials in Cinere on April 7, 2021. 

To attract Millennials, the cafe serves Middle Eastern Indonesian food. The taste of the food has been adjusted to the Indonesian tongue or taste, so that Millennials can enjoy it. 

“Arabic cuisine is very strong in spices. Since we are targeting more Millenials, we keep the Indonesian taste so they would still like it,” said Su’ud, who also owns the Syasaba fashion brand. 

Syasaba Food has 50 food menu items. Middle Eastern food consists of Kebuli Rice, Mandhi Rice, Biryani Rice, Kabsah Rice, and Bukhari Rice. Millennials can enjoy these 

foods at affordable prices through the Rice Chicken Bowl menu for Kebuli, Mandhi, Biryani, Kabshah, and Bukhari. 

Of course, there are also other options, such as Rice Regular Chicken, Rice Regular Lamb, to using Basmati Rice, which is more customized. “We are aiming for Millennials to eat well and drink deliciously at affordable prices. The portions are not as big, but have an identical taste,” explained Su’ud. 

Other than Middle Eastern specialties and Rice Bowls, Syasaba Food also serves Indonesian specialties, Pasta and snacks, such as Nasi Rames, Uduk Rice, Yellow Rice, Spice Chicken Soup Package Rice, Liwet Rice Package, Fried Chicken Rice Package, and Geprek Chicken Rice Package. 

There is also a menu of Pepes Tahu, Pepes Mushroom, Teri Teri Medan, Sayur Asem, Fried Rice, Fried Vermicelli, Fried Kwetiaw, Fried Salted Squid, and Sambal. The noodle menu includes Fried Noodles, Boiled Noodles, Hot Ramen, Hot Mushroom Soup Ramen, and Hot Carbonara Ramen. 

The snack menu consists of Macaroni Schottel, Potato Cheese, Kunafah, Lasagna, Corndog, Roti Bakar and Roti Maryam variants. 

For drinks, Syasaba Food serves Es Campur, Korean Fresh Strawberry Milk, Korean Fresh Mango Milk, Blood Mojitos, Sunrise Mojitos, Summer Mojitos, Rainbow Mojitos, and Milk Jelly drinks with Strawberry, Melon and Mango variants. “Mojitos’ favorite drink, made from sprite, jelly, lemon, fruit, and syrup,” said Su’ud. 

Although it targets Millennials, there also family visitors. However, during this pandemic, some customers, especially those from local neighborhoods, prefer to order online. 

The cafe provides indoor and outdoor; the outdoor space in front of the cafe is equipped with benches and tables in an open black container, making it a perfect place to hang out in the evening. 

The wider indoor part starts from the wide entrance and SMEs corner, filled with SME snacks and handicrafts; the indoor section is filled with benches and tables, but on the other side there are lesehan seats with Middle Eastern-style carpets and cushions, with red brick wall designs. 

There is also a small stage for live music, such as acoustics, ukulele, and organ. Millennials visitors can use the available musical instruments while hanging out. “We become a forum for Millennial artists to be creative,” she said. 

During the pandemic, Syasaba Food Cinere limits the capacity to 50 seats at a distance according to health protocols. The seating area is up to 30 visitors, while the lesehan is around 15-20 visitors, while the normal capacity is 150 visitors. Syasaba Food also accepts events such as social activities, gatherings, and reunions. 

Su’ud said the Syasaba Food cafe also welcomes vocational and high school students who want to have internships/part-time or in a thesis; they will be directly trained by her. 

Syasaba Food also has a corner that sells handicrafts, Syababa masks, and Al-Qur’an. Some time ago Syasaba Food also carried out a CSR program, such as distributing food to the Kemayoran Athlete Hospital, Fatmawati Hospital, and several health centers, during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Kartika Indah)