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Supreme Court building now guarded by the military, what’s wrong?


Jakarta, IO – Something difference can be seen in the Supreme Court (MA) building. According to the spokesman Andi Samsan Nganro, the security is now being beefed up by the TNI (Indonesian military). This is not meant to intimidate the public but to make Supreme Court justices feel safer so they can work with peace of mind. Before, the building is only protected by security guards.

“Indeed, recently the Supreme Court conducted an evaluation of the security that had been carried out by the internal security with the assistance of TNI because according to our observations it was not sufficient so it needed to be improved,” said Andi, reported Detik on Wednesday (9/11).

“The security is enhanced to prevent unwanted incidents, such as unauthorized access, while at the same time ensuring which guests are eligible to enter the Supreme Court premises for the purpose of checking and seeing the progress of their case through PTSP (One-Stop Integrated Service),” said Andi.

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“The security model that is needed in the Supreme Court has long been considered because the security aspect for us at the Supreme Court as the highest judicial institution and a court of last resort, its security dan solemn atmosphere need to be maintained,” said Andi, who is also the Supreme Court’s deputy chairman for judicial affairs. (rr)


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