Sri Mulyani: Indonesia needs Rp3,500T to boost electricity generation, reduce carbon emission

Sri Mulyani
Finance Minister Sri Mulyani. (IO/Pramita Hendra)

Jakarta, IO – Finance Minister Sri Mulyani said the state needed up to Rp3,500 trillion to boost electricity generation and reduce GHG emissions to meet its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) target.

“How much does it cost to increase electricity generation while reducing CO2 emissions by 314 million tons? A staggering US$243 billion only for electricity. This is roughly Rp3,500 trillion,” Sri Mulyani said as reported by CNN Indonesia, Wednesday (13/7).

She elaborated that the funds required are higher than what was allocated in the 2022 National Budget, which was only Rp3,106 trillion. Therefore, the government will need a lot of assistance to achieve its NDC target. For example, through the involvement of the private sector.

Sri Mulyani also requested assistance from other countries to cover the cost of producing electricity while reducing net emissions in Indonesia.