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Sophia Latjuba and Igor Saykoji trust Hotto


Jakarta, IO – Hotto, a multigrain product that has become the main choice for those prioritizing a healthy lifestyle and quality nutrition, announced its newly-appointed official brand ambassador, Sophia Latjuba. Hotto also released a new jingle featuring the famous Indonesian rapper Igor Saykoji. 

Hotto’s recent collaboration with Sophia Latjuba as the brand ambassador and the latest jingle from Hotto by Igor Saykoji marks Hotto’s milestone in strengthening its brand image as a multigrain product. By focusing on meeting daily fiber needs hassle-free, Hotto is committed to providing the best nutrition in every serving. 

Guntur, the CEO of Hotto, said Sophia Latjuba is the perfect choice to represent Hotto products as she has inspired many people to live a healthy lifestyle. At the same time, Igor Saykoji’s involvement in this project brings new energy and enthusiasm to Hotto. 

“With Hotto’s recent viral moment, we are grateful that many people trust Hotto; for example, public figures who live a healthy life with Hotto, such as Saykoji and Sophia. It proves our commitment to promoting a healthy lifestyle for the Indonesian people,” said Guntur, during the launch of Hotto’s Brand Ambassador event in Jakarta on Sunday (Feb 25). 

Guntur expressed his excitement about presenting Sophia Latjuba as a brand ambassador. This collaboration not only strengthens Hotto’s image as the multigrain product of choice but also inspires people to prioritize health in their daily lives. 

“Healthy living should be a lifestyle, not something hard. So, Hotto is suitable for productive people who want to have a healthy lifestyle,” Guntur said. 

At the event, Sophia Latjuba shared that she used to have a sensitive stomach. “It happened so often in the past, maybe because I didn’t like breakfast. But after I started eating Hotto, my stomach rarely got sensitive. Hotto is easy to serve and different from other healthy foods because it is tasty. That’s also why I agreed to become Hotto’s Brand Ambassador,” said Sophia. 

Rapper Igor Saykoji also shared his experience in maintaining health by exercising, including mountain climbing. “When climbing mountains, we usually need something practical. When I found Hotto, I immediately felt that this was what I had been looking for. It’s also easy to make; you can do it anywhere, anytime,” he said. 

Igor, who is now on a diet, believes that Hotto fits him because it can fill him up and prevent the urge to snack on unhealthy food. “I usually have two sachets before I can feel the effect. Maybe it depends on the body weight,” he added laughingly. 

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Hotto Purto is a drink formulated from 15 types of grains (multigrain), purple sweet potato and premium quality oats imported from Sweden. An innovative combination of purple sweet potato and premium quality multigrain makes Hotto Purto a source of calcium, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium. 

Hotto has passed the Indonesian Food and Drug Authority (BPOM RI) test and obtained MUI Halal certification to guarantee its quality and safety ,so that it can be consumed by people of all ages: children, adults, and seniors. This is in line with the Hotto campaign, “Hotto for anyone, anywhere, at any time”. (des/ast)


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