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Solemn Christmas Mass at St. Servatius Church


Bekasi, IO – A number of Catholics attended the Christmas Mass at St. Servatius Church in Bekasi, West Java, on Saturday, December 24, 2023. Attended by thousands of worshippers, the Christmas Mass was held in two sessions. 

This year’s Christmas celebration was titled “Glory to God and Peace on Earth.” 

The Catholic Church of St. Servatius has been around since 1896. The church is also known as the Betawi Church in the Kampung Sawah area of Pondok Melati Subdistrict, Bekasi City. 

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To celebrate Christmas, the church was ornamented with elements of Betawi culture. The mass attendees were seen wearing baju koko, traditional Indonesian Islamic attire that has been adapted as Batavian traditional attire, and Kebaya for the women. (IO/Faisal Ramadhan)


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