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Defendant in pesantren student molestation charged with 16 years in prison


Jakarta, IO – The trial of the sexual abuse case involving defendant Moch Subchi “Bechi” Atsal Tsani entered a new phase. The son of the leader of Majma’al Bahroin Shiddiqiyyah Islamic boarding school (pesantren) in Jombang, East Java, was charged with 16 years of imprisonment by the prosecutor.

“Penal Code article 285 in conjunction with article 65. We charge the defendant with a maximum sentence of 16 years of imprisonment,” said Mia Amiati, head of East Java Public Prosecution Office, as reported by CNN Indonesia, Monday (10/10).

Mia said based on the trial process, as well as the expert and witness testimony, there was no mitigating factor in the case.

According to Mia, the prosecution has carefully decided on the charge in line with prevailing law. “Everything has been proven by the public prosecutor team by prioritizing conscience and solely in the interests of justice,” she said.

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Bechi was previously reported to Jombang Police on suspicion of molesting an underage woman from Central Java. The victim was one of his students in the pesantren. During the investigation, Bechi tried to evade arrest by police until finally he was named a suspect in December 2019. (un)


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