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“Kejar Mimpi, Gaspol!” depicts
the struggles of a mother


Jakarta, IO – After spending four months drafting the script and three months preparing for the filming, nearly 90 percent of the cinematography for “Kejar Mimpi, Gaspol!” was completed, shooting in Bromo, Malang, and Jakarta (10%) over nearly three weeks. 

Uncomfortably cold weather did not deter the film crews and actors from the production, as shooting took place in the breathtaking and magical Bromo landscape. All the cast built excellent relationships with local people and swiftly blended with the Bromo people’s customs and daily lives. 

The actors brilliantly captured and conveyed the story, acting out the screenplay which Arie Kriting, Abdur Arsyad and Sindy Asta wrote, under the direction of director Hastobroto and cinematographer Asep Kalila. The emotional plot with a comic touch was beautifully complemented by Andi Riyanto’s musical soundtrack. 

A number of comedians and prominent actors appear in this drama-comedy film, including Asri Welas, Michelle Ziudith, Tora Sudiro, Erick Estrada and Arif Alfiansyah. “Kejar Mimpi, Gaspol!” depicts a mother’s struggle to chase her dreams. 

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The Mount Bromo setting portrays Fifi (Asri Welas), who raises her daughter, Diana (Michelle Ziudith), on her own. Fifi has been holding back her dreams as she only focuses her life on raising and helping Diana catch her dreams. 

Fifi realizes that she also wants to become a writer. How will Fifi battle for her dream? This film aims to inspire the audience to chase their dreams and pursue their wildest ambitions. Gaspol! Go for it! “Kejar Mimpi, Gaspol!” will soon be playing in your nearest theater. (des/ast)


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