Sipping premium tea in fancy Chatime Atealier

Chatime Atealier outlet in Kota Kasablanka

IO – Tea has become a healthy and pleasant habit. Since 2011, Taiwan-brewed brand Chatime has become the customer selection and branched out rapidly. Chatime, operated by PT Foods Beverages Indonesia, has 381 outlets in 56 cities throughout Indonesia.

Chatime offers a fun freshly brewed tea that brings happiness and is popular among Millennials those who generally like ‘grab and go’ drinks. However, since 2019, Chatime developed a new premium outlet, Chatime Atealier. With a more premium concept, Chatime Atealier offers an experience of a more luxurious tea time – unlike its regular outlet, Chatime Atealier provides a broader range of services, in style.

Lany Cucu, General Marketing Manager of Chatime, stated that Chatime Atealier will give off different experiences. Especially for those who like high-quality drinks, Chatime Atealier provides ‘the affordable luxury experience.’ The outlet serves premium milk tea with more trendy ingredients and fancy packaging. Chatime Atealier is the right choice for all trendsetters who prefer premium looks and an affordable lifestyle.

The name Atealier [read. at-l-yey] is adapted from the French ‘atelier’, meaning a workshop for artists to create their best works. Living up to its name, Chatime Atelier presents a new premium concept that offers exclusive drinks, made of high-quality fresh ingredients. Chatime Atealier uses Taiwan’s best tea.

Besides the fancy packaging, the elegant outlet is complemented by eye-catching and comfortable sofas, places to enjoy the affordable drinks. “Through different ambiance and exclusive menus that can only be enjoyed in Chatime Atealier,” said Lanny.

Reza Rinaldi Mardja, Corporate Communication Asst Manager of Kawan Lama Group, added that the difference in outlet ambiances can be seen through the gold and grays in Chatime Atealier’s color palette, giving more expensive vibes in the interior and staff’s uniform. “It also has a different logo of tea leaves inside a circle of gold and black, adding more luxury to the brand,” he explained.

Signature Creations

Chatime Atealier serves eight signature creations, Premium Brew, Caffeinated, Fruission, Milky Ways, Fizzies, Smoothies, Artisan (seasonal), and Chatime Signature.

Chatime Signature is Chatime favorite menus using selections of ingredients, giving a more sensational taste. Among the creations of the menu are Atealier’s Royal Milk Tea, Atealier’s Hazelnut Choco, and Atealier’s Pure Cocoa.

Meanwhile, the premium brew presents drinks based on fresh tea leaves, such as osmanthus tea, black tea, green tea, and ching tea – which creates Ching Green Tea, Sakura Tea with Honey, Osmanthus Tea, Black Tea with Lemon, and Green Tea with Lemon.

For coffee lovers, Chatime Atealier serves a Caffeinated menu, which is processed coffee from premium coffee beans with a rich, smooth, and creamy taste. Variants include Americano, House Blended Coffee, Latte, Cappucino, Mochaccino, Vanilla Latte, Hazelnut Latte, Salted Caramel Latte, and Royale Coffee Cream with Oreo Crumbs.

Next is Fruission, a refreshing menu that combined premium tea with fresh sliced fruits. Among the Fruission menu is Lemon Honey Crystal, Cranberry Midnight, Mango Dice Tea, Pineapple Punch Tea, Apple Crush Tea, and Berry Bits Tea. For Berry Bits Tea, which mixed a premium green tea with sensational sliced berries, Chatime Atealier collaborated with Dinda Nashriyah.

Chatime Atealier also offers Milky Ways, fresh milk-based drinks, including Osmanthus Milk Tea, Creme Brulee, Brown Sugar Milk Tea, Creme Brulee Milky Brown Sugar, Milky Berry Latte, Pineapple Tart Milk Tea, and Milky Midnight Berry. Meanwhile, Fizzies are made of a combination of sparkling soda and sliced fresh fruits – a great choice for hot weather. The refreshing menu items include Osmanthus Tea Fizz, Apple Crush Fizz, Berry Bits Fizz, Pineapple Punch Fizz, and Mango Dice Fizz.

The next menu to accompany your day-to-day activities is Smoothies, milk-based dessert drinks with a variety of flavors. Among them is La’Pina Colada, a combination of pineapple and coconut, Triple Choco Deluxe with chocolate and cream, Cookies and Cream, Summertime Paradise, Berry Kiss, and Apple Crush Delight.

Artisan menu is a unique seasonal drink, to keep the customer entertained and curious. A few of the artisan menus by Chatime Atealier are Turmeric Series, Mango Sticky Rice, Chatime Cendol, and Banana or Oreo Series.

Some drinks are processed with a nitro machine to produce sensational cold drinks. The prices of the drinks are 20% higher in Chatime Atealier compare to the regular Chatime due to premium ingredients. “To serve high-quality drinks and are safe to consume, all Chatime and Chatime Atealier use selected raw materials and have received a halal certificate from the MUI,” added Lany.

Currently, Chatime Atealier has four outlets, in high-class malls: Grand Indonesia, Kota Kasablanka, Cilandak Town Square, and Kelapa Gading Mall. Lanny said that in the near future Chatime Atealier will be present at Living World Alam Sutera. “Chatime Atealier chooses high-end malls to differentiate from Chatime in various malls. We will sort out which malls the Chatime will be changed to Chatime Atealier,” explained Lanny.


Amid the pandemic, Chatime Atealier has reduced capacity by up to 50 percent, following government regulations. Chatime Atealier implements standard health protocols, including using hygienic raw materials and equipment. The staff at the booth are required to wear masks, face shields, gloves and check their body temperature while working.

Staff temperature is written on the Care Card that is included in the drink packaging to ensure drinks are made by healthy staff. The entire outlet area is cleaned with a food-grade disinfectant periodically, installing plastic barriers at the cashier, and signs in the queue area to maintain distance.

Meanwhile, consumers are required to wear masks and hand sanitizer is provided. We recommend that consumers make non-cash transactions using digital payments such as OVO, GoPay, ShopeePay, and payments using a debit card or credit card from a partner bank. Customers can also order via the Chatime Indonesia App, which can be downloaded from the Playstore or the App Store, for easy, safe, contactless ordering and no queues.

To introduce its Chatime Atealier outlets, use social media Instagram As well as collaborating with celebrities to build awareness. In the future Chatime Atealier will work with other fashion or lifestyle brands. “A new, exclusive menu is our way, like the signature drink which was upgraded with premium ingredients and a more attractive appearance,” added Reza.

Chatime Atealier will also carry out various activities and provide experiences for Millennial visitors, such as providing a photo corner. Lanny said Chatime Atealier also wanted to open outlets outside Jakarta, in several big cities in Indonesia such as Bandung, Medan, Surabaya, and others. (Kartika Indah)