Friday, September 22, 2023 | 12:12 WIB

Scavengers take advantage of April 11 to earn some extra income


Jakarta, IO – Scavengers are having a field day during the demonstrations on Monday (11/4). Take Mr. A, for example, the 60-year-old man looked oblivious to the chanting and tense atmosphere around him, moving agilely to collect bottles scattered on the ground, between the feet of students and police officers.

“Watch out, get out of the way…get out of the way,” shouted one officer shooing away Mr. A.

Penjual Jas Hujan
(Pramita Hendra/IO)

But Mr. A looked indifferent, his mind is laser focused on making a living from trash. For him, collecting discarded plastic bottles trumps the worry of being hit by stinging tear gas or flying stones hurled by the protesters.


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