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Sabang Residents Reject the Arrival of 139 Rohingya Refugees


Jakarta, IO – A total of 139 Rohingya refugees were rejected by local residents when they landed in Le Meulee coastal district of Sukajaya district, Sabang, Aceh.

The district head Syahrial said hundreds of Rohingya immigrants landed using wooden boats at around 2.30am WIB on Saturday (2/12), per Medcom.

However, they were rejected by local residents who asked the authorities to immediately relocate them.

“Our firm position is that as residents of Le Meulee we do not accept, we strongly reject the arrival of Rohingya refugees,” said Gampong village chief Doffa.

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Doffa said for humanitarian reason, the village residents have provided basic necessities and assistance to the refugees, but the rest should be followed up by the authorities.

He warned that if the authorities do not act, they push the boat back to the sea. “This is a statement we convey on behalf of the residents. We will give the deadline until this afternoon.” (at)


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