Ravica Efendi takes 1st place in the ESL International Photo Competition

Ravica Efendi, preparing photo editing skills. (Photo: IPB Doc)

IO, Bogor – Ravica Efendi, IPB University student from the Study Program of Production Technology and Management of Aquaculture, Vocational School for Sukabumi Class, was chosen to be 1st Winner in the ESL International Photo Competition, with the theme “Reducing Carbon Footprint In New Normal Era”. This competition was held in conjunction with the English as Second Language (ESL) International Online Summer Course Reducing Carbon Footprints: From Individual to Global Actions which was organized by the Department of Resources and Environmental Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management IPB University.

ESL International Photo Competition is an international photography competition held for individuals or groups and is open to the public. This competition was attended by 149 participants from 14 countries.

“This competition is part of the summer course program that I participate in. Like any summer course, the organizers hold an international competition. The resolution of the photos I produce reaches 2160 pixels and according to the competition provisions, it must be at least 1080 pixels. My method of taking pictures is a portrait so that “The photo focuses on the object that is the material for the description, namely plants. The photos and descriptions that I include are suitable to the stated theme,” she said, as quoted from Ipb.ac.id, Monday (4/1/2021).

Before participating in the competition, Ravica sharpened her photo editing skills and critical thinking in preparing and explaining photo descriptions. She also did intensive photo editing (for two days), read and summarized journals related to reducing carbon footprints, and was consistent in attending summer courses.

“My message to young people, don’t give up before trying. Because by trying, we will be met with new challenges and experiences which will become a source of learning in the future,” she said. (est)