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Prosecutors demand death sentence for ex-cop implicated in drug case


Jakarta, IO – Prosecution sought death sentence for West Sumatra Police Chief Teddy Minahasa accused of involvement in drug trafficking by selling seized drugs. His trial was held at West Jakarta District Court, reported CNN Indonesia, Thursday (30/3).

Prosecutors ensnared him with Article 114.2 of Law 35/2009 on narcotics in conjunction with Article 55.1.1 of the Penal Code.

Teddy was proven guilty of offering, buying, selling, and dealing Class I narcotics weighing 5 grams. In doing his action, he was helped by three accomplices, namely Bukittinggi Police Chief Doddy Prawiranegara, Syamsul Maarif and Linda Pujiastuti. They were charged separately.
Prosecutors are of the view that there is no mitigating circumstances for Teddy because he was a law enforcement officer.

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Other aggravating circumstances include his denial of his crime and the impact of his action that has tarnished the reputation of the police forces. He was also charged with masterminding the scheme to swap seized drugs with cleaning agent in order to sell it back and reap profits. (bp)


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