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David still suffers from concussion after violent assault


Jakarta, IO – Cristalino David Ozora, 17, the victim of violent assault by Dandy Satriyo, 20, the son of a tax official, is getting better by each passing day. After being diagnosed with a severe brain injury, he can now hear, open his mouth and eyes.

David’s lawyer Mellisa Anggraeni stressed that the legal process for his client must be conducted fairly given the severity of injury he suffers. She said the judges should take his client’s side a the victim.

“We, as the legal representative of David Ozora, continue to hope that today he can be discharged from ICU, and we really hope and believe that the panel of judges can rule on this case fairly and see what the assault has done to David. He may have a permanent brain injury. We hope the victims’ rights can be fulfilled,” she said, reported Detik, Wednesday (28/3).

After more than a month of being hospitalized, David still requires 24-hour monitoring in the ICU. The wounds on his body have started to heal but he has been severely traumatized because his consciousness has yet to fully recovered. In fact, he often does not recognize people talking to him, including family members.

He has not been able to stand without the help of therapy equipment. Since waking up from the coma, he has been undergoing physiotherapy as his legs have begun to shrink due to being bed-ridden for too long. In addition, body muscle physiotherapy has also been given, although it has yet to show expected results.

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“There has been a response, he can now understand simple instructions such as when told to open his mouth, eat, look left and right. His recovery is not yet optimal, he still feels like his legs are shaking,” said one of his relatives Ismul Azham. (bp)


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