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Prabowo: Giving Up is an Act of Betrayal to the Country


IO, Jakarta – Presidential candidate on the number 02 ticket, Prabowo Subianto emphasized that he, along with Sandiaga Uno, and every element on the National Committee to Elect Prabowo-Sandi (BPN), along with all the political parties gathered in the Just and Prosperous Indonesia Coalition are committed to stand together with the people.

Prabowo emphasized the above matter to address the political situation, post-election that has been allegedly filled with fraud and issues that contradict the democratic spirit that has been the guiding principle of the nation.

“Democracy is the best method for the way of life to run a country and its nation. However, we see and feel, we now have evidences and we so experience [it]. Our colleagues, our comrades, we experience our Republic’s democracy being raped,” Subianto said at a Symposium titled “Uncovering Facts Behind the 2019 Presidential Election Electoral Fraud”, Tuesday evening at the Grand Sahid Hotel, Jakarta.

In front of thousands of his supporters, Prabowo promised that he will not stay put in face the electoral frauds.

“… we have won the mandate of the people. We have won the voice of the people, from the people [themselves],” he stated.

“If we give up, that means we are giving in to unfairness, and that means we are betraying our own country and our people. That means we are betraying our Nation’s founding fathers. That means we are betraying tens of thousands of people who have lost their lives to build this Republic of the Indonesian people,”  Prabowo added followed by a roar of applause from his supporters.

In the same occasion, Subianto praised Sandiaga Uno who continuously extends fighting spirit to safeguard the people’s votes from fraudulent groups of people in the 2019 General Election.

According to Prabowo, this statement debunks the rumor that Uno, who established himself as a businessman, will not survive in standing up with Prabowo to voice out the people’s mandate.

“There are [people] who say that Sandiaga Uno is a businessman, a young one, and he will eventually abandon Prabowo Subianto. In fact, he is more active in visiting various regions than me. He has made his stance clear, and now I will affirm mine. We will fight for the truth, fairness, and honesty until the People’s victory is acquired,” Prabowo ended. (Dsy)


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