PPP holds national leaders meeting to seek presidential candidate figure

Achmad Baidowi
PPP central secretariat chairman Achmad Baidowi. (Source: achbaidowi)

Jakarta, IO – The United Development Party (PPP) held national leaders meeting (Rapimnas) on Friday (15/4). PPP central secretariat chairman Achmad “Awiek” Baidowi said the meeting would be officially commenced by PPP chairman Suharso Monoarfa.

Awiek said the main agenda is to prepare for the nomination of candidates for the House of Representatives (DPR) and Regional Legislative Councils (DPRD). In addition, the National Committee would also discuss the figures who the party will promote as presidential candidates for the 2024 elections. PPP, continued Awiek, would accommodate the names recommended by its Regional Leadership Council (DWP).

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“All DWPs are given the opportunity to convey their aspirations regarding the figures to be advanced as presidential candidate in 2024,” said Awiek.