United Development Party (PPP) holds Congress IX despite pandemic

United Development Party (PPP) General Secretary Arsul Sani. (Photo: DPR RI Doc.)

IO – Amid a continuing COVID-19 pandemic and high rate of infection, the United Development Party (Partai Persatuan Pembangunan – “PPP”) will go ahead and hold Congress IX on 18-21 December 2020. PPP’s General Secretary, Arsul Sani, stated that this decision was made at hybrid physical / virtual National Leadership Meeting V in Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta, on 4 December 2020. The Congress will be attended by PPP officers throughout Indonesia. 

Initially, PPP Congress IX was planned to be held in Makassar City. However, it is now planned to be held in nine regions connected remotely because of COVID-19. “Based on inputs from PPP cadres in various regions, we have decided to hold the Congress in several zones simultaneously: Makassar, Manado, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan, Palembang, Balikpapan, Bogor, and Serang,” Arsul explained. 

Arsul further stated that each venue of the PPP Congress IX will host a maximum attendance of 200 Congress participants, and that health protocols will be strictly upheld. “We will continue to maintain strict health protocol discipline, and Congress attendants must be able to show negative swab test results. All attendees must wear masks and maintain a distance of 1.5-2 meters from each other in each Congress venue,” he said. 

Arsul went on to say that the PPP Congress IX agenda contains three items: Accountability Reporting of the latest PPP management moves; update of the Party’s vision, mission, Articles of Association, and Memorandum of Association and election of PPP’s new General Chairman. “The new General Chairperson is to be elected as the appointer of the Party’s management. He or she will appoint the membership of the DPP with the help of the DPW and the Branch Leadership Council (Dewan Pimpinan Cabang – “DPC”),” he said. 

Arsul then explained that the logo for PPP Congress IX is the Party’s logo added with a picture of a Toraja traditional house and the Red and White. “The house symbolizes the diversity of Indonesia’s people. The Red and White is included to express PPP’s commitment towards NKRI, Pancasila, the Constitution of 1945, and the Bhinneka Tunggal Ika. With this symbol, the PPP seeks to emphasize that the four national consensus that we agree on is final for us, that we shall never change or modify it,” he said. (dan)