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Pods of dolphins, “dancing” in Kiluan Bay


IO – A winding road will usually lead to a beautiful place. That’s the most apt saying for the adventure at Kiluan Bay, Lampung. It takes extra efforts to find this hidden paradise. Beside the long distance from the Bakauheni Port to Kiluan Bay village, you also have to be prepared to climb to the top of a 600-meter high hill before you descend stairs to marvel at a beautiful beach called Laguna Gayau. 

But before you wade your way into the vast expanse of the blue sea and the beautiful rocks in Laguna Gayau, you should first sail to Coconut Island while gazing at the dolphin colonies that swim agilely. 

Dolphin watching and Pulau Kelapa exploration 

In addition to Laguna Gayau beach, tourists visiting Kiluan Bay will definitely take the opportunity to feel the sensation of sailing to Pulau Kelapa (Coconut Island) while joining dolphin-watching tours using small boats the local residents call “Jukung”.This boat can only take four passengers. But there are several smaller boats which can take three people and the bigger ones can take up to 7-8. 

For those who are used to boating in choppy water, maybe using a small boat with 2-4 people will not be a problem at all, but for those with “seasickness”, I suggest using a bigger boat, so you will feel more comfortable to lean on if later you really feel dizzy after being swayed by rough current for an extended time. 

This is because dolphin surfacing is difficult to predict; thus, one cannot be sure how long the search will take. If you’re in bad luck, then no dolphins for you! This is normal. Indeed, not every visiting tourist can see the dolphin attraction in the high seas. 

In Pulau Kelapa, not only can one play along the white sandy beach while grilling sea food, but can also go snorkeling. Even though there aren’t many coral reefs here as in Pahawang Island, it is still worth trying to satiate your snorkeling hobby. 

In Pulau Kelapa, there are many stalls selling snacks and various kind of fries and drinks that you can buy if you don’t bring any food with you. Here, there are also homestay accommodation that you can rent if you are planning on staying overnight. (Pramitha Hendra)



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