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Chill In Café: The cozy dining room for 24 hours


IO – The Senayan area in Jakarta is filled with classy restaurants with a variety of delicious and special menu. Chill In Café, which is placed on the ground floor of the STC Senayan Building, Central Jakarta, is one of them. The restaurant that has been established since 2012 has a special concept of a cozy dining room. 

Chill in Café is a spacious restaurant with a classy design, consisting of a wide area of indoor space, and a cozy outdoor area which allows visitors to eat food while enjoying the Senayan atmosphere of high-rise buildings and malls. 

Its target markets are students, business people, socialites, social gatherings, and meeting arrangers. “The advantages of Chill In Cafe are the 24 hours operational, the location is in a strategic area, and the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant,” said Salman Isal, Manager of the Chill In Café Restaurant. 

The atmosphere of the restaurant is made cozy to provide comfort for visitors who come to simply relax and work while enjoying their food; the restaurant also provides three VIP rooms, for visitors who want privacy: Opal Room, Siam Room, and Crystal Room. 

The VIP rooms can be used for meetings, gatherings, birthdays, parties, and so on, at hourly rates. The Opal Room can hold 25 pax, Siam Room can hold 15 pax and Crystal Room can hold 8 pax. 

Featured Menu 

Guided by the philosophy of It’s All Good Food, the restaurant provides special menus which could make visitors never stop eating. The menus vary from western to local food, breakfast buffet, and dessert. 

The favorites for western food are Australian Sirloin Steak and Norwegian Salmon Steak; the local favorites are Fried Rice Kampung, Fried Rice Siram, Javanese Steak, Soto Betawi Sirloin, Oxtail Soup, Goat Fried Rice, Rawon Sirloin, and Tek- Tek Spaghetti. 

The variations of drinks provided include Coffee, Traditional Tea, Juices, and Mocktails. Customers’ favorites are coffee varieties, Go Green Juice, Sunset on Iced, and Iced Lychee Tea. 

The Breakfast Buffet in Chill In Café is served also with a variety of menus, from 06.00 WIB until 10.00 WIB, on weekdays and from 06.00 WIB until 10.30 WIB on the weekend. 

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the total of visitors on the weekend varied from around 150 to 300 people, while on weekdays the total of visitors is around 100 to 150 customers. 

“However, during the pandemic, we are temporarily closed following the instructions from the government to stop the spread of coronavirus,” he said. 

Chill In Café will reopen in early July 2020, while doing promotions through email, WhatsApp, and social media. “We hope in the ‘New Normal’, the situation and our business will recover,” he added.


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