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Nicholas Saputra Lover-boy as Coffee-lover


IO – There is nothing odd or out-of-place about Nicholas Saputra being chosen as the brand ambassador for a coffee product that has now shot up and become a unicorn. This handsome actor is known as a coffee connoisseur, and likes to try various coffee variants.

“I often travel to various places in Indonesia, and of course really appreciate locally-blended coffee. In my opinion, coffee products in Indonesia are the most exciting, because there are so many varieties. I think Indonesian coffee needs to be appreciated more,” Nicholas said when meeting reporters in Jakarta on Tuesday, January 18.

Nicholas is quite able to enjoy coffee in various ways, including by drinking ready-to-drink packaged coffee, which is more practical for him when traveling long distances.

“Sometimes when traveling long distances, there are no coffee shops. It’s not like in Java where there are many stalls; outside Java they are far apart. So I usually stock up on the road,” he said.

Nicholas Saputra shared that in the morning he always enjoys his own black coffee. As for the afternoon, he prefers to drink milk coffee which tastes lighter and has a different favor.

In addition, Nicho also said that he really likes coffee which has an earthy and chocolaty character. According to him, the coffee when mixed with milk will produce more interesting taste.

“But for me, I can enjoy various types of coffee with pleasure,” he said.

Nicholas is in a project as a brand ambassador for a coffee producer with singer Isyana Sarasvati, who is already known to be a big fan of Nicholas Saputra. Isyana admits that she was tense facing Nicholas while filming the program.

The 28-year-old singer admitted that he had idolized Nicholas since he was little. Moreover, at that time, said Isyana, the face of the actor who played was already famous across the big screen.

“Usually I saw him on the big screen, and I never thought that, ten years down the road, we could finally have a project together. It’s like a dream that I actually feel is impossible,” said Isyana. His admiration for Nicholas was also recorded on his podcast, with Vidi Aldiano who at that time claiming to be friends with Nicholas.

Nicholas, the Germanblooded actor, who was born February 24,1984. He first rose to prominence as Rangga in the 2002 hit film Ada Apa dengan Cinta?, a role he reprised in Ada Apa Dengan Cinta? 2 in 2016. He was nominated as the best actor at the 2004 Indonesian Film Festival for his roles in two films, namely Biola Tak Berdawai (The Stringless Violin) and Ada Apa dengan Cinta (What’s Up With Cinta?) but lost to Tora Sudiro.

A year later, at the 2005 Indonesian Film Festival, he was again featured in two films in the same category – for his role as a famous legendary activist, Soe Hok Gie in Gie and as Joni in Janji Joni (Joni’s Promise) – and won the award for his role as Gie.

Nicolas then won an award for Best Supporting Actor in Edwin’s Aruna & Her Palate in 2018. (rp)


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