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Lulu Tobing. Actress – Suddenly offers to return to star in the film


Jakarta, IO – Actress Lulu Tobing, a performer who became famous in the 1990s, will again appear in a big screen film. The actress, who is popular through the drama series “Tersanjung” was cast in the film “Balada Si Roy”. She will play Roy’s mother, a role taken by Abizar Al Ghifari. 

Lulu was suddenly invited to star in the film by director Fajar Nugros. Lulu said that when she was relaxing at home, Fajar suddenly called her. 

“Then he asked me if I wanted to help him out or not? He asked me to play Roy’s mother. But this call came just five days before shooting was to begin.” 

Lulu was proffered the role because the player who was originally designated to be Roy’s mother was knocked out by COVID-19. 

“The actor who previously played that character got COVID. So I called Mbah Lulu. I said it’s better to shoot instead,” said Fajar. 

Lulu admitted that she had protested to Fajar because he suddenly wanted her to join in shooting the film Balada Si Roy without any preparation, especially the reading process. 

Fajar then relaxed the schedule, extending the preparation time for Lulu Tobing to three weeks. 

“Indeed, I really enjoyed the process of reading. Since I can get comfortable with my character, I can know the characters of other players, we can get to know each other,” said Lulu. 

This preparation becomes very important for Fajar, because he feels that he loses time to get to know his co-stars. 

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When visiting the shooting location, Lulu also admitted that she immediately approached Abizar Al Ghifari, who plays Roy in the film. 

She was also grateful because Abizar was a warm boy, making it easier for him to build closeness. 

“As soon as I arrived, what I chased after was just wanting to talk to Abi, because there were many scenes where I played with Abi as his mother,” said Lulu. 

“It’s a good thing this boy is so warm. Very charismatic, so it really helps me not to be stiff even without the reading process”. (rp)


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