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Lucy in the Sky – A glam place to enjoy the urban silhouette


IO, Jakarta – Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. A place rich in places to enjoy culinary delights and night spots. One of these hangouts is the posh and cool ‘Lucy in the Sky’ Resto and Bar. It’s where sophisticates go to have fun in a quiet manner, after a hard day’s work in the city. Right in the hotspot of South Jakarta, SCBD (Sudirman Central Building District), Lucy in the Sky offers you fine dining and drinking…and as the name suggests, a bird’s eye-view of the city skyline and the starlike glitter of the lights down below. Whether the mysterious view of blood-red sky darkening at dusk or the nighttime view of earthly stars, Lucy in the Sky gives you an unparalleled view.

The resto proper is reminiscent of a casually posh garden party. Lucy in the Sky is decorated like a private lush garden bar, with grasses, plants, and flower pots artistically decorating the area. For a better sense of seclusion, reserve your seat near the edge of the rooftop. You can enjoy a relaxing, quiet evening eating, drinking, dreaming, and thinking as you enjoy the view of hundreds of skyscrapers at your feet.

The furniture nicely complements the quiet and serene concept: quaint wood-and-steel garden chairs and tables. There are also the more intimate sofas and bar stools. The calm view and layout tend to bring out the shutterbugs and selfie-lovers among our guests. The cool contrast of a secluded rooftop garden and the glittery city view of Jakarta makes for unique photo background.

Lucy in the Sky  has two main areas that you can choose from, according to your mood. You might want to dine in the indoor area, secure and secluded with predominantly wooden seats, contained within secure stone walls. There are also cool green and caramel sofas and seats. The outdoor area is more rustic and robust, with cane chairs and green trunks made into tables where you can enjoy a high-up view of Jakarta city. It is a place for solitude and close intimacy, whether for lovers, family members, or friends.

To match its prime location and decoration, Lucy in the Sky serves fresh unique dishes that are worth every penny you pay. Of these, we will only mention two: the nasi jeruk (orange rice), which is a rice dish complemented with green chili squid, grilled chicken, and the spicy sambal matah; and the iga bakar (grilled ribs) garnished with fragrant jasmine rice and hot sambal matah. The unique flavors just dance in your mouth. Apart from its food, Lucy in the Sky  has unique drinks that will help you unwind after a long day in the city. The adventurous among you might want to try its cocktails, like the favorite ‘Zombie’, which is a mixture of rum, juices… and, well, see for yourself!

Lucy in the Sky is a good choice for those of you who want an evening or weekend of casual, sophisticated relaxation, whether alone or with your loved ones. (Aldo)


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