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Dua Coffee: Uniquely prepared coffees in a casual setting


IO, Jakarta – Coffee shops are an ongoing trend, especially in Jakarta. Coffee is a fun and casual choice to enjoy with your friends or colleagues, or even a solitary time just spent sipping good coffee.

There is a coffee shop in Cipete, South Jakarta, now the talk of the town. ‘Dua Coffee’: this café offers a homey and casual ambience. Dua Coffee was opened by the elder brother of pop singer Raisa Andriana, Rinaldi Nurpratama. As the owner, Rinaldi states that he wanted Dua Coffee to be a relaxing, homey place to hang out in.

‘We want our guests to feel free as if they really were at home – they can come here to do their assignments, chat, hang out, or even have waffles. The majority of our guests in the morning are housewives, while the young come here in the evening. The ladies lounge around here waiting for their children to come home from school,’ Rinaldi said.

‘The name ‘Dua’ means both ‘doa’ (‘prayer’) and ‘dua’ (‘two’). This is because when we first opened in Cipete Dalam, there were only two of us – me and my partner, Omar Karim,’ Rinaldi said. Rinaldi said that his sister Raisa has been supporting Dua Coffee from its opening day: she helps promote Dua Coffee and shapes public opinion. ‘She (Raisa) really only supports us. The founders are me and her brother (Rinaldi),’ Omar said when commenting on the rumor that Dua Coffee is actually owned by Raisa.

From the moment they enter the café, visitors will be shown into a warm interior dominated by creamy walls set with brown wood and black steel highlights. The seats, tables, sofas, and shelves are made of wood and steel. There is a mural of a world atlas on one of the walls, with Indonesia colored in bright red. Dua Coffee is divided into smoking and non-smoking areas, each able to seat 100 persons in total.

Guests can get snacks, proper meals, and desserts in Dua Coffee. It serves hearty dishes like fried rice, squid and shiitake mushroom rice, chicken porridge, Eggs Benedict, spaghetti bolognaise, burger, fish-n-chips, fried noodles, fried potatoes, and chicken wings. ‘The favorite dishes here are oxtail fried chicken and squid and shiitake rice,’ Rinaldi said.

There are various beverages, such as coffees, café latte, ice tea, lemon tea, and ice chocolate. The coffees are brewed from various blends and are brewed using manual brewers such as V60, an aeropress, Kalita and Chemex. ‘The best sellers here are latte and cappuccino. We also have a premium Affogato on the menu, which uses Marian cream and an espresso shot,’ Rinaldi said.

A glass of coffee at Dua Coffee is a different form of enjoyment for you coffee enthusiasts. Its manual brewing technique allows Dua Coffee to bring out the unique flavors and bouquets of each cup of coffee. Different beans and blends, different brewing techniques – all bring out unique forms of enjoyment every time you come.

Food and beverage prices at Dua Coffee range from Rp 20,000.00 to Rp 60,000.00, tax included. Dua Coffee is located at Jalan Cipete Raya No 66, Fatmawati, Jakarta. It is open every day from 08.00 a.m.- 22.00 p.m. WIB. (Aldo)


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