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Losing weight for the role


Laura Basuki, movie actress

Jakarta, IO – Movie actress Laura Basuki went all-out for her role as Renata in the movie “Sehidup Semati” shown in cinemas starting Jan 11. 

Renata is a woman who became a victim of domestic violence. To get into the role, Laura Basuki had to lose weight by stopping her snacking habit. 

“When shooting this movie and I read the character of Renata, I thought this character should be played by someone who was skinnier than average,” Laura told reporters at the movie’s press conference at XXI Epicentrum Kuningan, South Jakarta, Monday (Jan 8). 

“So, when filming, I ate a lot, but I didn’t eat out; I didn’t snack,” added Laura. After losing weight, Laura’s bone structure became more pronounced. 

“I cut down on snacking to get bones in the front (of my body) and in the back showing. Weaker, more fragile. I believe that’s the more appropriate representation of Renata,” added Laura. “So, during filming, I could say that I could not really savor food; I smiled a lot less too.” 

Directed by Upi Avianto, the movie Sehidup Semati casts Laura Basuki, Ario Bayu, Chantiq Schagerl, Asmara Abigail, Maya Hasan, Lukman Sardi, Whani Darmawan, Aqeela Dhiya, Ivanka Suwandi, Elly D. Lathan, Verdi Solaiman, Patty Angelica Sandya and many others. 

Produced by Starvision, the movie highlighted sensitive issues: dogma and domestic violence. 

This horror thriller tells the story of Renata, a fine woman who grows up in a religious family. Her mother instils the value that a wife’s nature is to serve her husband and maintain household integrity. 

Problems arise between the couple when Renata suspects Edwin (Ario Bayu), her abusive husband, is having an affair with another woman. Renata feels she has to fight for her relationship. 

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Then comes along Asmara, a sexy and vulgar next-door neighbor of Renata. She offers to help Renata solve her family issues. 

Renata eventually finds out that the woman she believes is Erwin’s mistress, Ana, has been reported missing. 

Renata is haunted and anguished by Ana’s presence in her life. Her husband becomes colder and more distant. Amid all kinds of strange happenings, Renata remains focused on one thing: her family’s integrity. (rp)


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