Leading at LSJ survey, Prabowo seen as a capable figure who can solve Indonesia’s problems

Prabowo Subianto
(IO/Andi Muhamad)

On Prabowo’s high electability in the eyes of millennials, LSJ senior researcher Fetra Ardianto said Prabowo is considered a “relevant” figure to current global situations and someone who is able to solve many of the nation’s problems.

“Prabowo is viewed as a leader who understands geopolitics, and a statesman who puts the interests of the state and nation above one’s own,” said Fetra, as reported by Detik on Thursday (19/5).

Based on Statistics Indonesia (BOS) data in 2021, millennials make up 43% of Indonesia’s total population and the vast majority of them will be first-time voters in 2024 elections. As a generation that is tech-savvy and well-informed, LSJ considers this cohort to be highly influential in deciding the outcome of the elections. (un)