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Kineforum Holds Film Screening titled “Puspa Ragam Sinema Indonesia”


Jakarta, IO – Kineforum is holding a screening of Indonesian films themed “Puspa Ragam Sinema Indonesia” which run from September 27 to October 2 at Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) Jakarta.

Based on official information received on Tuesday (26/9), the program was supposed to be held last March. However, due to bureaucratic problems, it was postponed.

“We should have held this program last March, an important month to celebrate the birth of the first Indonesian film in 1950,” read the statement.

A total of 23 films were shown, divided into four segments. The first consists of eight feature films screened at the Asrul Sani and Sjuman Djaya Studios.

The eight long films consist of Maju Kena Mundur Kena (1983), Boleh Dong Untung Terus (1992), Liburan Seniman (1965), Galang (2023), Layar (2023), Roda-roda Nada (2022), Segudang Wajah Penantang Masa Depan (2022), and Terimalah Laguku (1952).

Next is a compilation segment of five short films entitled Pedhut (2021), Bambang (2022), Wongasu (2022), Bersama Membangun Negeri (2022), and Dancing Colors (2022).

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The Amoral Film segment which presents five short films that go beyond the limits of reason, logic and norms by young director Azzam Fi Rullah and his peers from Kolong Sinema, namely Arumi dan Lidah Pocong (2021), Misteri Pamulang (2023), Azabku Azabmu (2021), Kuntilanak Pecah Ketuban (2018), and Bootlegging My Way Into Hell (2022).

Finally, the segment called Stories We Will Remember segment curated by Imagination, which consists of five short films about stories that we will remember long after watching, namely Dengung Lebah (2023), Unhappy Together (2022), Lasagna (2021), Pages (2021), and Dalam Berpisah Kita Bersama (2022). (at)


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