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Kemlu alleges Rohingya refugees in Aceh linked to human trafficking syndicate


Jakarta, IO – Foreign Ministry’s (Kemlu) human rights and humanitarian affairs director Achsanul Habib suspected there are connections in the pattern of Rohingya refugees’ arrival to Aceh, namely a link to human trafficking syndicate.

“So we saw a common pattern which is generally a secondary movement and the involvement of human trafficking syndicate,” said Achsanul, reported Kompas (20/1).

He said in the secondary movement journey, the majority of the Rohingya refugees that landed in Aceh came from Cox’s Bazaar camp in Bangladesh. Indonesia is used as a transit point, not the destination country.

“Upon arriving in Aceh they followed the scenario of certain parties to sail to their destination country,” he revealed. The motives are no longer because they are persecuted, but economic, i.e. to seek jobs and livelihood.

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Achsanul said Kemlu, together with member countries of Bali Process will increase capacity of countries in the region to prevent human trafficking syndicate from taking advantage of the humanitarian crisis.

Based on Kemlu data, in the period of November 15, 2022 to January 8, 2023, as many as 644 Rohingya refugees have reached Aceh shore. (at)


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