This is the motive of a serial killing in Bekasi

Kapolda Metro Jaya Irjen Fadil Imran
Jakarta Metro PD Insp. Gen. Fadil Imran. (Doc. Independent Observer)

Jakarta, IO – A serial murder committed by Wowon and his accomplices shocked the public due to its sadistic nature. Their gruesome crime was uncovered after a family was found dead in Bantargebang, Bekasi, Thursday (12/1), reported CNN Indonesia.

Initially, they were thought to have died from food poisoning, but after further investigation, police concluded that they died after drinking coffee laced with poison. This led police to three suspects — Wowon Erawan a.k.a Aki, Solihin a.k.a Duloh and M Dede Solehuddin — who have since been arrested. Based on police investigation, they are known to the victims.

After intensive interrogation, police also found that they committed similar crimes elsewhere. Jakarta Metro PD Insp. Gen. Fadil Imran said based on the suspects’ testimony they planned a “long journey of murder.” Their MO was to dupe the victims by offering a get-rich-quick scheme and that they have the supernatural ability to multiply money. There are nine known victims so far, found in Cianjur, Bekasi and Garut.

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Fadil explained that most of the victims are still family of the suspects. One of their victims, Maemunah, is the wife of Wowon; Ridwan and Riswandi are Wowon’s step children, Neng Ayu is Wowon’s daughter from Maemunah. The other three victims found in Cianjur are Wiwin (Wowon’s ex-wife), Noneng (Wiwin’s mother) and Bayu (Wowon’s son from Maemunah). They were killed because they were deemed a threat who may report their crimes to police. (bp)