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The agony of gross human rights violation victims, not getting justice for 16 years


Jakarta, IO – Victims of gross violations of human rights have continued to demand the government to resolve past atrocities through the judicial means. They gathered outside the State Palace to conduct the 16th year of the Kamisan (Thursday) silent protest, reported CNN Indonesia, Friday (20/1).

After struggling for 16 years, they believed that justice has not been served. Bedjo Untung, one of the victims of the 1965 tragedy (abortive communist coup), criticized President Joko Widodo for failing to fulfil his campaign promise in 2014.

According to him, there has been no progress in the quest to bring a closure to cases of gross human rights violations. Bedjo said after 16 years he is still protesting, making the same demand.

“I’m representing my friends to urge Jokowi to immediately resolve the case without further delay. Take responsibility for the crimes against humanity and restore our rights,” said Bedjo.


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