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Kalya Mahiya’s “Story of Kalya” book review at Muhammadiyah 1 JHS Jakarta


Jakarta, IO – The New Year 2024 is a special moment for Kalya Mahiya Pravina, a ninth grader at Al Izhar JHS Pondok Labu, Jakarta, as she celebrates with a review of her book, “Story of Kalya,” at Muhammadiyah 1 JHS Jakarta.

In a talk with Observer, Kalya admitted to being excited and grateful for holding the book review and sharing session with students of Muhammadiyah 1 JHS Jakarta, as many students attended the book review and were actively involved in the sharing session. “I was so moved that everyone came early, appearing from 6.30 in the school hall, when it was only the beginning of the school week, after a long New Year’s break,” said Kalya, who was born on October 1, 2009.

Kalya Mahiya
Kalya Mahiya, following her book review, with students of Muhamadiyah 1 JHS, Jakarta. (Source: Special)

Kalya hopes to inspire more teens and to encourage her fellow teenagers to keep fighting to realize their dreams. “With more of the younger generation creating and engaging in positive activities, there will be more benefit for themselves and also many other people,” she mused.

This book review and sharing session was truly appreciated by Fida Afifah, S.Pd, as the Acting Vice Principal for Curriculum at Muhammadiyah 1 JHS Jakarta.

Kalya Mahiya
Kalya Mahiya and Fida Afifah, S.Pd. (Source: Special)

Fida said that there were 320 students and 30 teachers attending the event. Inviting Kalya to the school was hoped to inspire the students of Muhammadiyah 1 JHS Jakarta to stay active and to focus on their teenage dreams. “While other teenagers were wasting time, Kalya used hers to benefit from her self-exploration, which resulted in her achievements. Kalya showed how she is willing to learn and does not easily give up when taking on new challenges,” said Fida.

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Gina Lutfiah Zahra, Kalya’s teacher and the Vice Principal for Student Affairs at SMP Al Izhar Pondok Labu, South Jakarta, expressed how she was moved and proud of Kalya for successfully documenting her experiences, journey, and achievements in a highly-inspiring book, particularly for her fellow teenagers.
Gina expected the “Story of Kalya” book review might inspire all students who attended the event to keep fighting for their dreams and recognize their utmost potential to benefit themselves and the surrounding community.

“Determination and hard work create dreams. Remember that struggles, commitment and consistency are also very important, as success does not come instantly, but through effort and hard work,” concluded Gina. (des)


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