Ischemic heart disease and congenital coronary illness

healthy life
Adopt a healthy lifestyle with proper eating and routine medium-intensity exercise, for at least 150 minutes a week to avoid the risk of getting a heart attack. (IO/Muhammad Hidayat)

Jakarta, IO – 2018 Baseline Research data reported that ischemic heart disease, or coronary disease, is the primary cause of death after stroke. When a patient does not receive appropriate medication in time, he or she may well die. What’s more, awareness of symptoms and signs is insufficiently widespread; availability of medication between regions is unequal, and the fact is that centralized catheterization facilities are only available at hospitals in major cities. The Indonesian Cardiovascular Specialist Association Central Management (Pengurus Pusat Perhimpunan Dokter Spesialis Kardiovaskular Indonesia – “PP Perki”) notes that there are only 1,600 heart and blood vessel specialists nationwide. That’s a chilling ratio of just 1 specialist for each 210,000 citizens. 

“Every year, we estimate that there are a million cases of coronary disease, a phenomenon which places a burden of up to IDR 10 trillion a year on our national health security, BPJS Kesehatan. Only 28% of our regencies and townships have medium-sized hospitals with heart and blood vessel specialists, and 67% of those are located in Java. At least half of the 540 centers in Indonesia lack such specialists. Right now, our target is to have trained 1,245 new specialists by 2030,” said dr. Radityo Prakoso, Sp. JP(K), FIHA, FAPSIC, FAsCC, Chairman of PP Perki, in the “Cardiovascular Medicine in 2022 and Beyond: Adaptive, Personalized and Evidence-Based” press conference last Thursday (22/09/2022). 

dr. Oktavia Lilyasari, Sp.JP(K), FIHA, Head of the National Coronary Hospital Harapan Kita Jakarta’s Pediatric Cardiology and Congenital Coronary Illness Medical Staff Group, warns that the limited number of heart specialists, especially those focusing on congenital coronary illness, renders all efforts to detect the disease early less than optimal. Congenital coronary illness is an abnormality in the heart structure from birth, caused by obstructed or failed development in the structure during the fetus’s initial development stages.