Invisible cheating: The worst KPU performance in the history of elections

(illustration/photo: IO/Team)

IO, Jakarta – There is so much fraud that have occurred in many regions and in many foreign countries that have been pointed out by numbers of national observers who demanded honest and fair elections. Even long before the election was held until the voting day and afterwards, fraud has been found. No wonder, Mr. Amien Rais, whom is better known as the father of reformation, asked the election’s organizers  to respond swiftly to various public reports of fraudulent findings. This pressure is to ensure a credible election’s results. “We are all not going to de-legitimize; in fact, the term is we are redigitize. To be equally comfortable, all things which are not correct should be properly corrected,” Amien warned in DPR at the end of March.

In line with Amien, Telkom University political researcher Dedi Kurnia Shah saw many frauds reports occurred during the voting process. “At least throughout 12 elections, there is nothing worse than the organizing this time. Apart from the administrative issues to the election’s logistics quality, the massive fraud report emphasizes the argument that KPU’s performance is poor,” he said.

Looking at this condition, Dedi is concerned that the 2019 Election results legitimation are questionable by the public. “There will always be the possibility, including delegitimizing risk to the results of the election if the slightest fraud is not immediately responded to by the authorities. Elections should not only be the change of power in the arena, but should be the medium of better democratic development. Therefore, elections should not be tarnished by any fraud,” said Dedi.

Separately, the Sadar Indonesia Volunteer Community (Korsa) judged that the General Election Commission’s performance in 2019 is the worst election in history. Korsa Coordinator Amirullah Hidayat said that the assessment was fit to be placed on KPU since they acted lightly concerning the ballot polemic that has been revealed in Malaysia, by saying that it was rubbish and not counted, whereas a detailed and transparent investigation should be conducted because it has tarnished the implementation of democracy in Indonesia.

“Plus, the implementation of the presidential elections abroad has several countries in riots, such as in Saudi Arabia, Australia, the United States and Malaysia, where there are many Indonesian students and migrant workers.” The riots occurred due to various reasons, but mostly because of a lack of ballot papers and the voting place itself,” he explained.

For this reason, Korsa urged all Indonesian people to guard the voting process in the next 17th April, so there would be no fraud on Prabowo-Sandi’s vote.” Because if you only expect neutrality from KPU, there will only be structured, systemic and massive fraud. In other words, KPU cannot be trusted one hundred percent,” Amirullah asserted.

Another opinion was expressed by political analyst from Exposit Strategic Arif Susanto, who evaluated the 2019 Election potentially to be the worst Election if KPU and Bawaslu fail to overcome various problems that started to emerge ahead of the implementation on April 17 2019. Arif said the issue of the 2019 Election was more complex than previous elections, since it was the first time the Presidential Election (Pilpres) and Legislative Elections (Pileg) were held simultaneously. (D. Ramdani)