Prabowo: I am and I shall be President for all Indonesians

Declaration of victory for Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno as President and Vice President of Indonesia 2019-2024 at Prabowo’s residence, Jalan Kertanegara, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, Thursday (04/18/2019). (photo: IO/Yoga Agusta)

IO, Jakarta Presidential candidate number 02 Prabowo Subianto managed to subdue the confusion of his shocked supporters who were treated to “quick count” results of several survey institutions close to the incumbent, which tipped the election that direction. While at the beginning of the Quick Count Prabowo-Sandi was superior to Jokowi-Ma’ruf with the presidential candidate 01 achievement: 45 percent and presidential candidates 02: 54 percent, in seconds one of the television broadcasters known as a partisan simply reversed the results. Within seconds Jokowi-Ma’ruf won at the amount of 54 percent while Prabowo-Sandi 43 percent. The sudden jump in this survey’s results also jammed social media.

Two hours after the Quick Count results released, Prabowo greeted hundreds of volunteers who had gathered in front of his residence in Kertanegara, Kebayoran, South Jakarta. That afternoon Prabowo emphasized that according to the exit poll results from 5000 voting stations (TPS) in 2019 presidential election, he and Sandiaga Uno won with the vote acquisition of 55.4 percent. Not only that, Prabowo also stressed that, based on the quick count results conducted by the National Winning Body (BPN) of Prabowo-Sandi, his side excelled with an acquisition of 52.2 percent. “The exit poll results at 5,000 voting stations that we won 55.4 percent. Our quick count result is that we won 52.2 percent,” Prabowo said at his residence, Jakarta, Wednesday (17/4).

Based on these findings, Prabowo suspected that there was an effort from certain survey institutions which already hired by one of the party’s candidates and led the opinion that Prabowo-Sandi lost. “Call on all the volunteers to guard our victory in all TPS and sub-districts. I also emphasize here, to the people of Indonesia, that there are efforts from certain survey institutions that we know are allied with one other party. To mold public opinion to make it seem we have lost,” he warned.

Prabowo, who did not believe in the survey’s result aired on television that seemed to lead the public opinion of incumbent’s winning, finally declared his victory in the voting held on Wednesday (04/17/2019) night. At around 20:30 WIB, Prabowo said he gain 62% of the votes. These results, said Prabowo, were based on the real count calculation conducted by his party at 320,000 voting stations (TPS) throughout Indonesia. ” Brothers and Sisters, I want to give an update, that according to our real count, we are at 62%. This is the real count’s result in more than 320,000 voting stations positions, which means around 40%,” Prabowo said.

Prabowo stated, a number of statisticians assured him that this vote would not change much. Shifts are only plus minus 1%. “It could go up 1%, it could also decrease by 1%, but at this point, today we are at 62%. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the victory of Indonesia. All the people of Indonesia. And I say here, I will be President for all of Indonesian people,” he firmly stated.

Prabowo continued to ask all Prabowo-Sandi volunteers, members of the Fair and Prosperous Coalition party, PKS, PAN, Demokrat, Berkarya, and Gerindra, his cadres and mainly all of Indonesian mothers to guard the ballot boxes. Prabowo also requested that all Prabowo-Sandiaga supporters really maintain order, maintain peace, and not be goaded by provocateurs.

Brothers and Sisters, don’t be provoked. Keep an eye on the voting station, secure C1 and also guard the sub-districts: don’t be careless. My brothers and sisters, I urge all my supporters to remain calm, all calm and do not provoke any anarchist action. Stay focused on guarding the ballot boxes since those are the key to our victory, so all lies that have been created can be resisted, I emphasize here to my supporters not to be provoked at all and to avoid all forms of excessive action, extrajudicial acts and violent acts. Thank you, for our supporters, please keep the TPS,” Prabowo said

He did not want Indonesia’s Fair and Prosperous Coalition, and Indonesian volunteers to be divided. Instead, he wants to unite the community, including the supporters of candidate pair Joko Widodo-Maruf Amin. “For those brothers who defend 01, you will be defended by me. I will and already be the president for all of Indonesian people. We will build a victorious Indonesia, a prosperous Indonesia, a peaceful and respected Indonesia,” he said.

To close the victory declaration, Prabowo shouted out takbir: Allahuakbar- God is Great. Not only that, he even made prostrations of gratitude on the red carpeted podium as a form of gratitude to God. Prabowo gave a grateful prostration accompanied by his successful team at around 20:30 WIB. Hundreds of supporters who were seated immediately stood up and took photos on the podium while shouting takbir. “Allahuakbar !! Prabowo President !! Allahuakbar !!” shouted the supporting crowd. (D. Ramdani)