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Indonesian dishes from rendang to meatballs served at cultural festival in Finland


Jakarta, IO – A number of culinary delights from Indonesia such as rendang, jerky balado, and meatball cuangki were served at the Indonesia Finland Festival at Narinkkatori Square, Helsinki, Finland. At least 2,500 visitors attended and felt the sensation of enjoying Indonesian specialties.

“Indonesian people know Finland as the happiest country in the world. It’s a shame, not many Finns know Indonesia. Therefore, through this festival we want to display examples of cultural products that are unique to Indonesia,” said Indonesian Ambassador to Finland and Estonia Ratu Silvy Gayatri in an article published on the Foreign Ministry website, Wednesday (14/6).

Dozens of tents were erected to serve culinary delights from Sabang to Merauke. Not only dishes such as Nasi Kapau and Malang meatballs, some of the tents also serve traditional snacks, such as kue cucur, cenil and ice cendol.

Indonesian diaspora, along with Finns who are interested in Indonesian culture, collaborated to present a variety of traditional arts such as gamelan and Balinese mask dance. The contingent of artists were assisted by staff from the Jakarta Culture Agency who also performed dances and folk songs “Ondel-ondel” and “Hujan Gerimis”.

Indonesia Finland Festival 2023
(Source. Indonesia Foreign Ministry Official)

Jari Sinkari, director of the Department of the Americas and Asia of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland expressed his appreciation for the festival. He said the festival fulfilled his longing for Indonesian cuisine.

“I am sure that Finland and Indonesia will continue to have good relations in the fields of culture, politics and business for the future. This event signifies the increasingly close ties between the two countries,” said Sinkari.

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Indonesia and Finland have maintained diplomatic relations since 1954. The two countries share common values, especially respect for democracy and the importance of sustainable development. According to Sinkari, Indonesia is blessed with rich culture and natural resources, while Finland has a technological edge that could become a point for further collaboration between the two countries. (bp)


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