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Police arrest residents who attack students’ rosary prayer in South Tangerang


Jakarta, IO – South Tangerang Police arrested residents who barged in while a number of Catholic students were praying the rosary at their boarding house in Babakan village, South Tangerang, Banten on Sunday (5/5) evening.

South Tangerang police chief Superintendent Ibnu Bagus Santoso said his squad arrested more than one individual in the incident and that further investigation is ongoing.

“We are examining their roles,” said Ibnu, per CNN Indonesia, Tue (7/5).

The police have also communicated with a number of parties, including the Interfaith Communication Forum (FKUB), community leaders and youth leaders.

The assault went viral after the footage of the incident went viral on social media, including by one X account, @KatolikG.

“Last night, Catholic students from Pamulang University gathered at a house in Victor Serpong and prayed the rosary, but they were beaten up by the RT [neighbourhood unit chief] and locals who wielded weapons to disperse them. Fortunately, there were no casualties,” the user penned.

Separately, Asep Azis Masser, head of South Tangerang office of the Religion Affairs Ministry, said that while praying is a positive activity, the students should also consider ethical aspects, such as the time of the activity and the level of noise.

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Thus, he suggested that the students find a more suitable place. “In my view, this issue is not about religious intolerance but social ethics. This is what we must pay attention to,” said Asep.

According to Asep, such incident was the first in the area. He claimed than the mediation has produced conciliation agreement. “We have spoken with one voice, that peace must be preserved in the community, we must return to living side by side again harmoniously,” he said. (un)


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