Fantastic experiencein IBL All-Star 2024


Yosua Marcellos, social media celebrity

Jakarta, IO – Indonesia Basketball League (IBL) Tokopedia All-Star 2024 has left a deep impression on local celebrities, including Yosua “Cellos” Marcellos. 

Participating as a “Captain” in the Celebrity Games, Cellos ranked IBL All-Star 2024 as the best basketball event. His celebrity team, which consisted of Andovi Da Lopez, Michael Olindo, Rob Clinton, Harris Vriza, Ayu Sriartha, Jacquelyn Chandra, Bayu Radityo, Rony Gunawan, Amin Prihantono, Agustinus Sigar, David Nuban and Steven Orlando, went head-to-head against national celebrities in Augie Fantinus’ team. Cellos’s team won the match, scoring 94-71. 

“It was exciting! An amazing experience to participate in this IBL AllStar,” said Cellos. “I think this is the finest IBL All-Star in terms of organization and the entertainment. All the best to IBL.” 

Cellos (also dubbed Cellos Botak or Bald Cellos) is a TikTok celebrity born on Sep 10, 1999, who became famous after producing engaging videos on TikTok, such as pranks and challenges. 

He is easily distinguished by his loud and shrill voice in his TikTok videos and his clean-shaved head. Cellos can be found on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

Cellos’ Instagram account (@celloszxz) has over 700 thousand followers, while his TikTok account (@ baldybrobryzxz) has over 10 million followers. More than 2.24 million subscribers have subscribed to Cellos’ YouTube channel (celoszxz). 

The venue at the IBL All-Star 2024 was overflowed with spectators’ excitement. Tickets were sold out; no seats were vacant. The stands at the Britama Arena Mahaka Square Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta, were brimming with fans. 

In addition to the Celebrity Games, IBL All-Star 2024 also featured The Crazy Dunker, a professional aerobatic slam dunk team from France performing stunts that awed the audience. In the Slam Dunk Contest, a player from Prawira Harum Bandung became the first local player to win the Slam Dunk Contest. 

Pandu crushed his two contenders, Zoran Talley Jr. from Amartha Hangtuah Jakarta and Michael Qualls from Borneo Hornbills. 

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Six players were expected to participate in the Redbull Slamdunk, yet three couldn’t join due to an ongoing recovery from injuries: Tyree Robinson from Satya Wacana Salatiga, Jaylyn Richardson from Pacific Caesar Surabaya and David Liberty Nuban from RANS Simba Bogor, leaving three contestants in one of the most awaited games in IBL All-Star 2024. 

In the Telkomsel Skill Challenge, Abraham Renoldi Wenas from Bali United BasketbAll-Star came through as a victor with exceptional skills on Saturday (Apr 27), winning against 13 other players. 

In the Mandiri Three-Point Contest, Dewa United’s Jordan Adams came in first by scoring 27 points in the final round against Prawira Bandung’s Hans Abraham, who scored 18 points. (rp)