Indonesia online festival is back

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Entering a “new normal” transition era amid the global pandemic, now the need for entertainment and information sources has massively migrated to the virtual world. This virtual or online entertainment or showbiz is increasingly in demand so business people or event organizers are competing to enliven the virtual world with a variety of creative events, featuring a diverse entertainment program content. 

PK Entertainment, as one of the well-known event promoters in Indonesia, previously successfully held “Indonesia Online Fest Vol. 01” on May 15-17, and shortly will again present the largest online festival in Indonesia “Indonesia Online Fest Vol. 02”. The 2nd-largest online festival in Indonesia will be held for three days, Friday to Sunday from 31 July – 02 August 2020 on various digital platforms. This festival will present a variety of event concepts as before, ranging from virtual bazaars, watching together, meeting online fans, cosplay competitions, online workshops, webinars, online educational classes and self-development, talk shows with well-known speakers from industry players, competitions esports, and many others. 

Indonesia Online Fest Vol. 02 will present more than 100 speakers and performers the foremost leaders in various industrial sectors, more than 60 local small and medium enterprises, and involve more than 50 event participants in the planning and implementation process. The event that will be held consists of both paid and free features. Information about ticket registration or purchase can be accessed through 

The same as in the first edition, Indonesia Online Fest Vol. 02 aims to create an ecosystem of mutual support by and for everyone involved, by presenting a variety of informative, creative, and entertaining content. Not only that, for three days in Indonesia, Online Fest Vol. 02 resource persons involved will provide exposure to interesting knowledge and experience for all participants on topics relevant to the current situation – such as Telemedicine/Telehealth, Women Empowerment, Education & Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Entertainment, Digital Marketing, Gaming, and many others – and certainly useful new opportunities and pitches for event participants, creative industries with a broad target audience and market. This Indonesia Online Festival is presented online/ virtual on a digital platform and is dedicated to all audiences in Indonesia as long as there is an internet connection through a computer or cellphone. 

Indonesia Online Fest Vol. 02 will be enlivened by Dipha Barus, Dimas Beck, Nussa Official, Miracle in Cell No. 7, Jovial da Lopez, Didet Maulana, Kezia Aletheia, Monica Ivena, Miceraa, Rinaldy Yunardi, Diva The Series, Nussa Official, Hanung Bramantyo, Vino G Bastian, Graciella Abigail, Indro Warkop, Tora Sudiro, Rigen, Indra Jegel, Bryan Domani & Mawar de Jongh) and many more, to be announced soon. There will also be talk shows with industry players from various sources such as Dr. Grace F. Indradjaja – Director of Siloam Hospitals Group, Leonard Theosabrata – Managing Director of SMESCO, Veronica Utami – Head of Marketing Indonesia, Philippines & SEA Next Billion Users of Google, Neneng Goenadi – Managing Director of Grab Indonesia, Sri Widowati – Chief Digital Transformation of Unilever Indonesia, Hilda Kitti – Head of Marketing Indonesia & Malaysia at Facebook, Elin Waty – CEO of Sunlife Financial Indonesia, Jennifer Karjadi – Founder of Union Group, Jourdan Kamal – Founder of Wants to Learn What, and many more.