Chilibeli celebrates “Chil1versary” with dozens of prizes

(Photo: Prive. Doc)

IO, Jakarta – Exactly one year ago in July, Chilibeli, the latest smart social commerce application startup, with a vision to bring quality fresh staple food at affordable prices to every household, was launched to the community, and gave value to the active housewives’ socialization capability. Since then, Chilibeli has raised capital, won awards, opened official outlets at LazMall, moved to more sophisticated logistics warehouses, and expanded to Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-busiest metropolis. 

Founded by Alex Feng, Damon Yue, and Matt Li, Chilibeli’s unique concept underlies the empowerment of a wide social network of housewives’ communities in various cities. Chilibeli opened up opportunities for housewives to become micropreneurs while helping the community or neighbors to buy basic food. By joining as a Partner, housewives can earn even if they stay at home. Logistically, Chilibeli guarantees a maximum order delivery duration of H + 24 after order confirmation. 

To celebrate the “Chil1versary”, Chilibeli has prepared a myriad of attractive prizes as a token of appreciation for Partners, Chilimart Partners, Friends, and employees, as well as a sign of celebrating the achievement of the Company’s first operational year. This anniversary celebration is also an effort to introduce this startup to the people of Indonesia. 

Alex Feng, Co-Founder & CEO, Chilibeli, said that he was truly grateful for the extraordinary reception from housewives in Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, and Surabaya. “This support has encouraged our enthusiasm to continue to empower Indonesian women,” he said. 

Damon Yue, Co-Founder & COO, explained Partners, Chilimart Partners, Friends, and consumers are the backbone of this startup. “We appreciate the strong support so far. This agile growth has enabled us to continue to develop logistics facilities and supply capabilities to be able to bring quality fresh products with efficient distribution processes to consumers. Although the company’s first-year celebration is celebrated online only, because of the ongoing pandemic, we continue to commit to working harder for the next achievement in creating more value for the surrounding community,” he explained. 

Chilibeli recently launched a Partner & Friends appreciation campaign, with one integrated message called “Our 1 Year Journey” in every activity and on all platforms. And this month is an auspicious time for Partners, Friends, Chilimart Partners, and the general public, to take part in exciting digital competitions to win a series of prizes. 

Chilibeli is holding a special internal program for Partners, to show gratitude to Partners who were registered before June 26, 2020, with prizes from Honda Beat motorbikes to LED smart TVs. Partners can get 1 coupon when their total monthly expenditure reaches IDR 5 million in the campaign period; then, Chilimart Partners are entitled to 1 coupon when their total monthly expenditure reaches IDR 7.5 million in the campaign period. 

The number of coupons received indicates the number of opportunities they have when Chilibeli seeks winners through a digital lottery format to win prizes in the form of Honda Beat Sporty motorbikes, smart HDTV LEDs, Xiaomi phones, and 200 shopping vouchers. 

For the general public, Chilibeli is holding a photo competition on Instagram. Users only need to buy produce at Chilibeli, take a photo of the product that has arrived, and upload it to their respective Instagram accounts, while tagging Chilibeli account. Around 200 lucky participants can win a discount voucher from Chilibeli. Winners will be announced on August 11. 

Matt Li, Co-Founder & CPO, concluded that Chilibeli is a platform that connects supply and demand as simply as possible. “We are here to provide solutions that can improve the quality of people’s lives. Improving the quality of UI and UX continues to be a priority, and we continue to strive to bring a smart, intuitive, integrated, and consumer-centric platform that responds to the daily challenges of people in shopping for basic foodstuffs because we believe that Indonesia is ready to welcome this digital solution,” he concluded.