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Increasing rice production to achieve food resilience


Jakarta, IO – As rice is one of the basic necessities, the must focus in achieving rice self-sufficiency. Indonesia has been able to meet national rice demand without import from 2019-21. To maintain this, it is necessary to monitor and develop rice commodities on time, on quality and on target in order to realize sustainable agriculture, said Khudori, observer and member of the Agricultural Utilization Committee (KPP) during a virtual seminar held by the Indonesian Farmers Association (HKTI), Friday (2/12).

The food sector is very important in building a more developed and advanced country. Apart from being a basic necessity, food is also an important aspect a country’s economy and measure of people’s welfare, especially rice whose production still depends on natural conditions. In fact, natural factors can cause crop failure due to flood or drought.

According to Khudori, monthly rice consumption in Indonesia is about 2.5-2.6 million tons. Main rice planting season in Indonesia is between October-March during the rainy season, with harvest around February-May.

There is usually rice surplus during the harvesting period, but there are about 5-6 months in a year where rice production is not sufficient to meet domestic demand as rice planted in the dry season usually suffer lack of water which in turn affects its yield.


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