Great reunion of SMPN 12 Jakarta, together in love


IO, Jakarta – The reunion is to be held in conjunction with the plan to revitalize the Public Middle School 12 (SMPN 12) building in Jakarta in early 2020 to become a better building by refitting better educational facilities. It is not just this time that SMPN 12 Jakarta revitalizes, it has been recorded twice already before this time, in 1963 and 1984. 

So the alumni from S M P N 12 Jakarta pr oudly hail this moment as a Grand Reunion for the second time. “And we also take advantage of this moment as a historical witness when the alumni of SMPN 12 Jakarta help to revitalize its building facilities for the 3rd time in its history by filling in the biggest event ever at this beloved SMPN,” said Ekki Soekarno, Chairperson of the Grand Reunion Committee of SMPN 12.

The administrators of the Alumni Association of SMPN 12 Jakarta, in collaboration with the Committee of the reunion raised the theme “Together in Love”. It is hoped that this event can have a positive and beneficial impact for all. 

The alumni in attendance include artists to celebrities like Sandiaga Uno, Nur Asia Uno, Denny Malik, Andhara Early, Rina Gunawan, Asti, Ekki Soekarno, Arief Suditomo, Hibram Dunnar, Ati Ganda, Ovy / rif, Alvin Adam, Mouly Surya. 

Not only that, but this event was also attended by teachers who are still actively teaching and those who have retired