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Signature Timeout presents JakJazz in A Jazz Technotronic Experience Concert


IO, Jakarta – Jakarta International Jazz Festival, or better known as JakJazz, was first held in 1988, initiated by an Indonesia’s legendary jazz figure, the late Ireng Maulana. JakJazz, which at that time was named the “Largest Jazz Party in Asia” will be held again in 2020 with the concept of the future and present a concert kickoff titled “JakJazz’in Aja” – A Jazz Technotronic Experience, on Friday 6 December 2019, at Livespace @ Lot 8 SCBD Jakarta. This event is a showcase of the JakJazz Festival, which will be held in 2020, and also as a celebration to carry the hashtag in the future JakJazz, namely #JakJazzinAja. 

Signature Time Out, which for many years has been building equity through cooperation with prestigious promoters in Indonesia, is a pillar of activity which incidentally always lifts inspirational activities among young people through the message “Yes You Can”. “Departing from the same vision as Signature Time Out in promoting the modernity of young people, JakJazz will return with a new style to provide colors and of course a different experience from the previous JakJazz,” said Irsan Ranadipura, Brand Manager of Signature Time Out. The concept raised at the kickoff of this concert is Jazz Technotronic a blend of music and technology which is part of a New Hybrid Jazz Music. 

Various special collaboration segments were presented at the JakJazz’in Aja concert kickoff stage. Jazz and Opera collaboration, hosted by Idang Rasjidi with Sastrani. What’s more, Barry Likumahuwa collaborated with Cantika Abigail and Margie Segers to bring the concept of Jazz, R&B, and funk-soul, while Andien performed with NSBETM young musicians, collaborating to integrate electronic jazz with pop. Visitors can also watch the performances of young musicians Demas Narawangsa, Greybox Music, Eva Celia with Indra Lesmana, wrapped in experimental jazz and electronic music. 

Tommy Maulana as the festival director – and the son of the founder of JakJazz, the late Ireng Maulana – declared that at the kick-off event, the jazz musicians of the country were paraded from the most senior to the youngest. This is certainly in line with the vision and mission of JakJazz, which always wants to put forward the spirit of connoisseurs and innovations and wants to carry the baton of the previous generation. 

“The spirit and values of JakJazz are still the same, but how do we package and develop that spirit and those values in the context of present and future generations together? I, as a generation born in the middle, between my father’s generation and my child’s, want to be a facilitator for them and at the same time respond to today’s completely digital developments,” said Tommy Maulana. 

Tommy hopes JakJazz’s rebirth in collaboration with Signature Time Out “Yes You Can” can become a forum for connoisseurs and jazz musicians across generations to exchange ideas. For him, this is a very appropriate moment to maintain the continuity and growth and development of the jazz music ecosystem in Indonesia. 


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