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Getting to know the longest river in Indonesia


Jakarta, IO – Having a length of 1,143 km, the Kapuas River is the longest river in Indonesia. In fact, its length is almost equivalent to the entire length of the island of Java. Located in West Kalimantan, this river flows from Kapuas Hulu Regency to Pontianak City, and passes through seven districts.

Kapuas River, also known as the Batang Lawai River, has its headwaters in the Muller Mountains and empties into the Karimata Strait. Apart from that, its length is equivalent to 68.39 percent of the total area of ​​West Kalimantan Province (146,807 sq km), per detikcom, Wed (21/2).

Meanwhile, M. Zamakh Syarifani in his book entitled ‘Do You Know? Miscellaneous General Knowledge’, wrote that the Kapuas River is ranked 5th as the longest river in Southeast Asia. Meanwhile in Asia, this river is the 48th longest river and 132nd in the world.

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The existence of the Kapuas River has an important role in the lives of the people along its flow. The local community uses it as a means of transportation for trade, industry and as a tourist attraction. The Kapuas River is also home to 300 species of fish. (bp)


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