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Again, Herbalife Holds National Breakfast Week in 150 Cities


Jakarta, IO – Herbalife, a leading company and community in the world that is actively building the public health and fitness movement is again holding various series of activities as a form of support for the 2024 National Breakfast Week (“Pekan Sarapan Nasional-PESAN”) campaign, which was initiated by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia since 2013. This is the 9th National Breakfast Week campaign that Herbalife supports through a series of educational activities for the community, including sharing information about the importance of a healthy nutritious breakfast, sports activities, and healthy breakfasts together.

Senior Director and General Manager of Herbalife Nutrition Indonesia, Andam Dewi, said that Herbalife is again supporting the National Breakfast Week activities to remind the public of the importance of maintaining a balanced nutritional intake through healthy breakfasts and maintaining body fitness with sports activities. A nutritious breakfast can supply energy for the body and brain to remain active in starting activities in the morning.

In this year’s National Breakfast Week, Herbalife carries the tagline “Start the Day with a Nutritious Breakfast, Go for More!” The series of activities were held in 150 cities in stages from 15-21 February 2024 and were attended by a total of more than 45,000 participants consisting of independent members, Herbalife customers, and the general public.

National Breakfast Week
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The series of activities held included sports, Zumba, and sessions sharing nutritional information with Herbalife Nutritionists, apart from that there were door prizes and breakfast distribution by distributing healthy breakfast packages through the Herbalife F1 Shake Mix, Herbalife Formula 3 Personalized Protein Powder, and NRG Nature’s Raw Guarana Instant Tea.

The support provided is in line with the results of the 2023 Asia Pacific Health Priority Survey, which found that almost 83% of consumers in Indonesia changed their health priorities after the pandemic, with the main priorities including 68% focusing more on a healthy and active lifestyle through healthy food and regular exercise; 48% would take a more holistic approach to health with a combination of mental, physical and social; 42% by maintaining better quality sleep.

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In addition, 95% of consumers in Indonesia take steps to achieve their health goals, namely improving overall health (67%), increasing immunity (60%), and starting healthy food habits (54%). The three health goals are the main things they want to achieve, followed by feeling more fit (52%) and improving mental health (49%).

“A healthy breakfast can be one solution for society to create a healthy and fit community. Various studies and health publications show that the body’s endurance and ability to do work with adequate productivity will be possessed by individuals with good nutrition. However, the full activities of modern society often become an obstacle to preparing meals for breakfast,” Andam concluded. (*)


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