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Gerindra Party wing ready to deliver victory for Prabowo in 2024 election


Jakarta, IO – Satuan Relawan Indonesia Raya (Satria), one of the Gerindra Party’s wings, state its commitment and readiness to go all out to ensure chairman Prabowo Subianto’s victory in 2024 presidential election.

Satria chairman Bambang Haryadi believes that the party wing and all political “warriors” within Gerindra Party will be the key to Prabowo’s victory.

“We hereby declare that we are ready to fight with everything we have for the victory of Gerindra and Pak Prabowo Subianto and for the sake of the country and nation in 2024,” said Bambang in a written statement, Tuesday (16/8).

Bambang said the organization he is leading is one of the elements that pushed for Prabowo’s candidacy. He considered the defense minister to be the right figure to lead Indonesia going forward.

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“Pak Prabowo is a figure who has an attitude of patriotism in action. One of the most obvious proofs was when he decided to join President Joko Widodo’s cabinet and work hard to bolster the country’s defense sector,” he said with enthusiasm. (un)


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