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Fight obesity with proper physical activity


Jakarta, IO – Obesity occurs when the body’s energy is imbalanced, increasing the risk of illness. dr. Rachmad Wishnu Hidayat, Sp.KO, Subsp, APK(K), sports medicine specialist and member of the Indonesian Obesity Study Association (Himpunan Studi Obesitas Indonesia – “Hisobi”), declared in the “Recognize, Prevent, and Overcome Obesity for a Healthier and More Productive” webinar held on Tuesday (07/03/2023), physical activity that moves all muscles in the body’s frame can increase energy expenditure. There are two important benefits of medium-high intensity physical activity in overweight and obese individuals: to lower weight, especially in terms of excessive body fat; and to reverse an unhealthy, chaotic metabolic condition, transforming it into a healthy, controlled metabolism. 

“Other than exercising, obese individuals can be treated with diet change or restriction, bariatric surgery, gut microbiota modification, medicine, and psychological management. ‘Physical exercise’ is a type of physical activity that is performed in a planned, structured, and repetitive manner, meant to increase and maintain health and fitness, while ‘sports’ covers a range of activities performed within a set of rules and undertaken as part of leisure or competition. Sporting activities involve physical activity carried out by teams or individuals, and may be supported by an institutional framework, such as a sporting agency,” dr. Rachmad said. 

The WHO recommends lower weight exercise, with a focus on the total duration of medium-high intensity physical activity, and a reduction of sedentary behavior. Exercise is differentiated between children, teens, and adults. “There are three types of physical exercise for obese children and teens. First, aerobics. The frequency is daily, with a duration of 60 minutes of brisk walking, biking, and game sports. Second, muscle strengthening, in the form of gymnastics, push-ups, sit-ups, rope pulls, swinging on equipment that holds body weight, and squats or planking. The frequency is three times a week, with a duration of 60 minutes. Third, bone strengthening. This is done three times a week, comprising of rope jumps, climbing walks, or running.” 


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