Farhan Dirhami scores in international public speaking competition

Muhammad Farhan Dirhami, has received support from many sources.

IO, Bogor – Muhammad Farhan Dirhami, a student of IPB University, Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, was selected as the 2nd winner of the Open International Speech Competition, held at the end of last month. This international competition is organized by Wander Voice as part of the Global Millennial Group, with the main theme “The Shades of Pandemic”.

The Open International Speech Competition is held for the individuals. The competition was attended by 174 contestants from nine countries, including Malaysia, Ukraine, Australia, Russia, Thailand, and Cambodia. It voiced ideas and opinions to the public about the pandemic in the new normal era.

The competition consists of three stages, namely, the preliminary round, the main round, and the final round. The preliminary round took place on March, 25. In this round, contestants had to upload a speech video with a maximum duration of five minutes. In the main round that took place on March 27, 2021, contestants are given a choice of seven topics. The next day 12 contestants selected from the main round had to compete in the final round with a different theme.

“This event is my first speech competition. I was surprised that the contestants had to give speeches on the topic “How to Thrive in the New Normal” with less than a day of preparation to make the script and practice for a performance with a maximum duration of seven minutes in the final. However, this is very challenging for me,” said Farhan, as quoted by Ipb. ac.id, Saturday (2/4/2021).

In preparation for the competition, Farhan was coached in the Zoom room with a trainer who is an alumnus of IPB University, Arwa Violaditya Rarascota. By following the coach’s advice, Farhan learned that a good speech has an important message, but is delivered naturally by the speaker.

The facilities of IPB University, especially the International Competition Preparation Program from the Sub-directorate of Development for Student Reputation and Achievement, Directorate of Student Affairs and Career Development, have helped him to continue to improve the script and his appearance. Farhan was finally able to present a superior performance.

During this competition, Farhan admitted that he faced several obstacles, namely, the lack of time to practice and the lack of supporting devices, such as a webcam and microphone. However, this problem has been resolved with support from many sources. “With much help, especially from the committee, from the Sub-directorate of Development for Student Reputation and Achievement, and from family and friends, I finally won,” he said.

He thanked all those who had supported his efforts for this award. Besides, he also emphasized that in the future many other students, especially IPB University Computer Science students, should faithfully develop their potential through competitive and relevant programs in pioneering efforts to become future leaders in the field of science and technology.

“Contests that support studies, such as public speaking and leadership will greatly help gain the skills needed as a computer science expert, one who not only faces new technology but also new people and new systems that can later be useful in the world of work to communicate and showcase our innovation,” he added. (est)