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Eyes irritated? Rohto DryFresh and Rohto V-Extra


IO, Jakarta – As a tropical country, Indonesia is vulnerable to health problems, often due to frequent and at times extreme weather changes. A hot, windy, and dusty natural climate exacerbated by a high rate of pollution in the country leaves the eyes as one of the organs most vulnerable to irritation and other problems. Furthermore, the current trend of excessive use of mobile gadgets in addition to computer screens dries up our eyes, due to constant viewing and lack of lubricants. 

PT Rohto Laboratories Indonesia, a company well-known for providing comprehensive solutions for ocular health, sees this as an opportunity to sharpen the focus of its business line, as the number one eye care expert in Indonesia. “At the end of 2019, Rohto Laboratories Indonesia is introducing two new eyedrop products: Rohto DryFresh and Rohto V-Extra. Their presence will further strengthen Rohto’s position as a major player in the eyedrop market,” Mukdaya Massidy, PT Rohto Laboratories Indonesia’s President Director, said. 

Rohto DryFresh is an eyedrop containing 0.3% Hypromellose. This allows it to mitigate dry eyes, because it lubricates the eyes like teardrops do. It also provides a sense of coolness to the eyes. “Many people are not aware that they have dry eyes, i.e. that their eyes are not sufficiently lubricated by tears. This makes the eyes feel uncomfortable, painful, smarting, and/or tired. If allowed to go on, the discomfort would obstruct work productivity. Furthermore, letting the eyes dry out is dangerous for their function. Dry eyes should be tended to as quickly as possible,” said dr. Iva Yulia, Sp.M. 

The second Rohto Laboratories product is the Rohto V-Extra. It has the extra benefit of mitigating red eyes and irritation thanks to its content of 0.05% Tetrahydrozoline HCl and 1% Macrogol 400. Rohto V-Extra also generates a cool sensation that lasts longer. It contains two vitamins, i.e. vitamin E and Vitamin B6, and is scented with borneol aroma for further comfort during use. 

Dr. Iva Yulia, Sp.M. stated that light eye irritation is marked by red, dry eyes. We often suffer this unknowingly, especially if we ride motorcycles or bicycles a lot. “Air pollution – dust and smoke and debris blown by the wind when we are driving – makes the eyes vulnerable to light irritation,” she said. 

Rohto DryFresh and Rohto V-Extra are good primary choices for mitigating eye irritation. Other than their benefits, they come in modern and practical twist and push new bottles, which are easy to open and can be closed with the fingers of one hand. Furthermore, they are transparent, so that consumers can see the contents clearly and ascertain the clarity and quality of the product 


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